Why am I always doubting my own decisions?
I got a cheap line-interactive UPS because it has very little power usage, it's quiet, and the USB status connection is supported by my Synology NAS (or NUT usbhid-ups, for that matter). All I want to be able to do is bridge the short power dips I've been seeing about once a year, and organize for an orderly shutdown if power is out for a longer time.
But now it's here - just how much cooler would it have been to get a networked UPS with more features?

Another downside of getting the cheapest UPS from a vendor product line is that you only get the basic bare minimum of sensor data.

@mmu_man Yes, but it still can fetch status information from supported UPSes via USB (or serial), and then redistribute that over the network to other nodes.

@mmu_man @galaxis Yup, and I use NUT to distribute network status of my USB UPSes to (e.g.) HomeAssistant.

It's not a network-attached UPS, but ... it's a lot cheaper. ;-)

@galaxis I have both. Having network connectivity isn't much better unless you want every host to be a nut server instead of one server plus clients.

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