The Fediverse does not need less features, it needs more. And it seems really stuck in that regard.

Maybe it also needs refactoring of old ideas. Give me a way to easily filter for all posts from from my instance, or any particular instance, or all post not from my instance - and there's a (maybe less confusing) replacement for Local and Federated.

Let me browse the public timeline from any other instance right from where I'm logged in (provided their public API is available)...

...and we also still don't have Groups, or any useful concept of limited distribution. There's no way to prevent replies to a post. I need external tools to expire posts.

Way too much media data is being shugged around between instances. All the media reprocessing is a major resource hog (though I understand the motivation).

Any more?

@galaxis also add mutuals only posting scope smh this has been missing and asked for from day one
@galaxis >I need external tools to expire posts.

well, that's not a fediverse problem as such, pleroma can expire posts by default just fine, other servers might have a similar feature.

@galaxis Pleroma defaults to not caching media, which is a double-edged sword

(on the plus side, it means the instance never touches the data, reducing storage requirements, load, and legal liability for the instance admin. on the negative side, it means a default-configuration Pleroma instance with a lot of users DDoSes a remote instance hard when their users load a post with media)

@bhtooefr Oh, I thought Pleroma had a traditional caching setup (fetch once on demand, keep for some time).

With Mastodon, most of the media that's being moved in together with the posts will probably go unseen by anyone on a smaller instance before it's expired.

On the topic of DDOS, the madness of every instance individually fetching link previews needs to be replaced too. Or at least, instances need a way to opt out and either not use link previews at all, or trust data from the source.

@galaxis Pleroma can be configured to enable one, but it’s not enabled by default.

And, yeah, link previews are a mess of DDoSing.

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