I, uh, seem to be heavily contemplating running a #Usenet server. It's been years. And I'd like to offer peering over #NNCP to people.

I am either about to do something really fun or slightly insane. This is the best kind of project: where you can't quite tell which until you get into it.

I should also confess I've been posting to comp.mail.uucp lately. AND GETTING REPLIES.

#UUCP forever? Or 40 years too long?

@jgoerzen uucp still works, and there's a few people out there still running Usenet feeds over uucp (over TCP/TLS, no idea if anyone still does actual dialup).

@galaxis I'd be interested to know who, and would love to peer with them that way. I know @SDF theoretically does, and I've been a member there for a long time, but I've never had a reply when I requested peering, so I don't know if that's still an active thing.


@jgoerzen Personally, I have a (paid) UUCP feed from a regional group of crazies, but I don't think they want to set up actual peering over that transport.

eternal-september.org still claims to do UUCP peering on demand, but I know nobody there, and neither how active they still are.


@galaxis Well, I think I would use UUCP to revive my Fidonet gateway on my Amiga 3000 again... I don't think that many people will have the need for UUCP for every day work. Although it has benefits when used with low bandwidth connections.

@jgoerzen @SDF

@galaxis @SDF I am definitely curious about the paid UUCP feed from the regional group of crazies! PAID UUCP still? Amazing and intriguing!

@jgoerzen The web site is in German only since it's a non-profit that has been providing internet access in a city nearby ever since the 1990s. "UUCP-only membership" is €4/month. Not sure how they keep it afloat - we ran a sister organisation here and gave up some time in the 2000s.

I can ask if they're prepared to set up a feed for someone in a different country (though I assume you're outside of the European SEPA bank transfer region and banking costs would be prohibitive).


@galaxis @SDF Very cool. I don't think that would be of interest to me but it's really neat to see someone still doing it!

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