Parcel services and air freight are way too cheap for mail order businesses by now, it seems.
Maybe ten years ago, everyone (except Amazon) tried to separate an order into a minimum number of shipments. Today, it's completely useless to try to order a bunch of stuff from the same company in one go, as it will be exploded into an unholy number of parcels anyway, at the same costs.


My daughter complains about this phenomenon all the time.

@galaxis yeah, often single order from Radiospares gets shipped in 3 or 4 envelopes… 😒

@mmu_man @galaxis

this has been going on for some years; when I queried it the reason given was that the actual warehouses with the stock are often 50-100km away from one another so they would use different courier firms and travel routes. Its only with smaller companies which only have one warehouse (such as where I get my car detailing supplies from) and an electronics company in Scotland I sometimes use that put everything in the same parcel..

@galaxis: Cloud service providers and hosters are way too cheap for the software industry by now, it seems.
Maybe twenty years ago, everyone tried to ship software products as ready as possible, instead of releasing updates and patches every few weeks, in the range of dozens to hundreds of Megabytes.

Back then, I received only 2 updates for my favourite productivity software in perhaps 3 years. Shipped on 3.5" floppy disks. Which may explain the incentive to ship good stuff.

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