So maybe setting Vernor Vinge aside for a year was a good idea, and I now can continue to read whatever the Tines are up to instead of skipping over pages in disinterest...

Finally starting on the third book of this, now slightly disoriented since I have no idea where in the timeline that happens now (but some things suddenly seem like a rehash)? IDK, it's been too much time since the first book, but I'm also not super motivated to check back...

@galaxis I’m about halfway into this book now. It’s technically a prequel. Fascinating aliens, as always with Vinge, but the book does take its time to get the story going.

@tsturm Yeah, it has almost the volume of the first two books combined though (I have an omnibus edition ebook, and it showed me below 60% read when starting on the third), so I'd assume there's enough room for the storylines to converge towards the end.

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