Somehow I wish there was a cross-platform UI toolkit with an embedded scripting language and a standardized network library that could be used instead of further bastardizing web browsers...

@elb @galaxis it's not like there weren't many examples in the last 30 years or so of portable frameworks…

@mmu_man @elb Yeah, ok, maybe my description was too terse: I was thinking of model closer to the web, where the application payload can be delivered dynamically, replacing the web browser as user frontend. I'm aware there are tons of frameworks for standalone applications.

@galaxis @mmu_man I understood, my response was at least half tongue-in-cheek -- but it's absolutely true that the various PostScript-on-the-display X11 models were _approximately_ the same model as modern web applications.

Whether X11 + PostScript is better or worse than HTML+CSS + JavaScript is a debate for the ages, I am sure. Certainly in the day of NeWS/DPS there was no notion of the client carrying the persistent state and the service being semi-stateless.

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