Maybe I should try to run a YaCy node in P2P mode again for a change? It's been a couple of years since I last tried. Wasn't particularly useful as an Internet search engine, but still fun to watch it do its work...

Yeah, so... Initial setup of a peer is as easy as it ever was, though the current public network seems about the same size as maybe 10 years ago? At least judging from the number of participants - my system knows of a good 130 active senior nodes that are reachable on the internet after a day of uptime.
I'd assume the total index is certainly bigger now since everyone has less storage constraints compared to back then.


Just now went through the top 100 list of indexed domains received via DHT transfer out of curiosity.

Blocked about 30 of them for being spam, right-wing propaganda, general useless crap, or porn. Of the currently remaining domains, about 1/4 is various language Wikipedia. Guess I'll let it run for a week or so to have another look, and then I'll probably junk the container.

Surprisingly, it is occasionally possible to get useful search results from the YaCy distributed index nevertheless.

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