"Closely related to Maximalism is a phenomenon I call Virtualism: the growing complexity of information technology over the decades has required that its "dirty details" be hidden in "black boxes". Thus, both the users and the developers of the technology have been able to turn a blind eye to its material basis."


by @viznut

@neauoire I've commonly seen that development being labeled as "progress". And in a lot of ways it is, as with most other technology that's nicely packaged - but the information technology black box is prone to being turned against its users, often with the help of today's ubiquitous networking.


@galaxis @neauoire "Progress" is such a nasty word. It gives an illusion that there is only one possible direction of change, so nearly any kind of change can be framed as a necessary part of that "progress". Improvements in user-friendliness and automation often come with things that make the user more easily controllable by corporations.

@viznut I think that's mostly what I was trying to say, despite using that word (and maybe not enough others in the followup).


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