Somehow I didn't really think about what happens when an instance changes their media provider...
Apparently toots on remote instances get out of sync - just now came across an older one where the images had expired in my cache and wouldn't load through the image proxy - the local version references a removed AWS bucket, while the originating instance uses a different provider by now, and the images load when using their web interface.
Is there some way to update that metadata?

@woozle FYI a consideration should you still be thinking of swapping out image back-ends.


@dredmorbius @galaxis We've done it before, but I don't know if this was a problem.

It's plausibly a design issue with ActivityPub or Mastodon, and that kind of sucks :-/

(The right way to do it would be for all image URLs to go to an instance-controlled server which could then do a temporary HTTP-redirect to wherever their images actually are hosted, or else fetch images in the background and serve them directly.)

@woozle Yeah, server aliases (under domains you control) for remotely-served content is a good general design practice --- you can re-point the host w/o disrupting extant content.


@woozle ... in fact, regardless of what future plans are, setting up an alias (say, or pointing to would probably be a Really Good Thing To Do Real Soon Now regardless of any substantive plans to change things out.


@dredmorbius Agreed. Unfortunately I don't have the resources necessary right now to figure out how to go about doing this.


@dredmorbius ...or maybe a better way to put it would be "the amount of time likely to be involved puts this task below other projects I'm currently trying to get onto a usable plateau-space, though it will eventually emerge into the light of day".


@FiXato That might take the Lhotse face off the learning-curve.

Now, if I can just find a place to stash that link where I'll remember to look when I'm ready to use it...

@dredmorbius @galaxis

@woozle stick it into a README or HOWTO_MEDIA_PROXY.txt in your mastodon's source folder? :) @dredmorbius @galaxis

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