Me, after losing USB storage due to a loose connection on the RPi 400: Ok, let's get rid of this option and copy the system back onto an SD card.

Also me, after inserting said SD card: Maybe I'll start by updating the test installation of Manjaro ARM that's on there.

Ah, yeah, so if you copy a filesystem to a different device using gparted, it gets new filesystem UUIDs, and for the Pi those are not only referenced in the fstab, but also in the root= parameter in /boot/cmdline.txt

@galaxis i think the theory is that if you refer to the partitions by UUID, you don't need to worry about which drive they're on.

unfortunately that's one of those things that has *never* proven to be true for me - so i invariably go back to using drive names asap anyway

@galaxis I think gparted creates *new partitions* matching the existing ones, hence the UUID changes. And if you use dd to copy the partition the UUID stays the same as the original one.

@rmsilva Yeah, gparted does create new partitions, and then uses tools to copy filesystem content in the backend. I mostly wasn't aware about the root partition reference for the RPi bootloader in cmdline.txt

I try to avoid using dd when copying data between flash devices so I don't have writes for all the empty blocks, but maybe that's based on a superstition.

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