Natoll. Jetzt hat's doch glatt den FI für die ganze Wohnung gerissen wegen irgendwas im Computerzimmer.
Mal nach und nach alles wieder einstecken und schauen wann es wieder knallt? Wobei eigentlich war gerade nur der G3 PowerMac an. Kaputt sieht erstmal nix aus.

Ok, auch mit Strom brauche ich nicht auf die Kaffeemaschine zu warten, wenn kein Wasser drin ist :flan_facepalm:

...well, at least everything that's required to send me a mail about the power being down is actually connected to the UPS, so there's that.
Which reminds me I still haven't created a power-down schedule for the various stuff on there, so if the battery is out, everything will just switch off mid-flight anyway.

Ok, it's not the screen or the external CDROM, and the machine is actually a PowerMac G4...

Hrm. Things don’t crash and burn when just PSU and mainboard are connected (and neither does the earth leakage breaker trip, as before). PSU fan definitely needs a replacement though.

I guess it was extra intelligent of me to fully reassemble the G4 Mac and then order a replacement PSU fan (so I can now go and disassemble everything another time).


...right, so the fan I bought has only about half the nominal airflow of the original. Details, details...

Probably still going to be better than an broken fan that certainly didn't reach its 3000 RPM design speed any time recently 🤷‍♂️

...on the up side, the big case fan in that PowerMac pushes air to the inside, so at least it's not going to compete against the weaker power supply fan.

Oh, yeah, OpenBSD/macppc doesn't support Firewire, so it seems improbable I can install from an external Firewire CDROM :flan_eyeroll:

For all the crap in my collection, there's a notable lack of working IDE CD-ROM drives: Just now noticed that what I thought was a spare actually has SATA connectors, and the one that has a "probably broken" note is actually broken.

I do have about four SCSI CD-ROMs though; I think only two of them are old UNIX workstation - compatible (supporting 512byte sectors), and one is marked as "doesn't read CD-RWs".

…maybe setting up a netboot environment would have been easier?

My current guess is that the FI initially tripped because something from that contraption made a ground connection. Haven't found anything else that's wrong with the system (besides the faulty DVD drive).

Ah, so the Xenocara default configuration expects a display to be connected to the VGA port of the graphics card, and DVI is blank. Going to be a problem for some other day, running out of time for now.

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