One of the small features that make one of my favourite Mastodon clients: Theme settings are instance-specific, so when you connect the Pinafore in your web browser to several instances, and you assign different themes to each, it's instantly recognizable which one you're using right now, without looking at other details.

Another great thing about are keyboard shortcuts and -navigation.

Lost in the depths of the timeline? Press "." to get to the top. Looking at a long thread with posts under CW? Press "z" to reveal them all. Don't know which shortcuts exist? Use "?" anywhere outside of the Toot field.


Kind of a downside of : It's a Web application, and all data is held in the browser. So each web browser on each device needs a new session setup (I don't know if syncing helps, since I don't use it), and each browser instance has its own copy of the client settings.
Clearing browser data wipes the session, so if you do that on shutdown, for example, you'll need an allowlist for the site Pinafore is obtained from (, usually).

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