Today: DPD claims it can't find my address and bounces a parcel without checking back.

I'm pretty certain the address exists, the number is attached to the house, and there's even a plan of the house numbers on the compound right near the entrance.

While communicating with the sender's support, I notice that Google Maps doesn't know the house number and tags the back side of the neighboring building instead 🙄

Wouldn't be surprised if that's the problem, but also :flan_molotov: :flan_molotov:

DPD returned the parcel (there was no way to interrupt the process after they deemed it undeliverable), and the sender posted another one. Though this time, they cut & pasted the address from my conversation with customer support, messed up the encoding, and for some reason also added the house number twice. :flan_shrug:
Taking no chances with this one and redirected it to a pickup location right away...

The DPD redirect web form doesn't accept "+" in an email address by the way, displaying an nonsensical error message which has no indication that this is the actual problem.

@galaxis same thing happened to me with dpd in Berlin, immediate return of the parcel followed. No idea why they do this.

@lumiukko @galaxis I suspect the drivers are paid peanuts and have too many parcels to deliver.

@dentangle I guess so. Another sector where privatization turned everything into exploitative crap after a short initial burst of improvements.

Anyway, I usually try to avoid using DPD in general, but there were no other options in this case.


@galaxis They're still ahead of a site I found the other day that insisted all emails should be of the form zzz@zzz.zzz

Good luck if you have a address...

@squaregoldfish Heh. That would be difficult for me too - I'm using subdomains for my mail too ever since some spam gang used my email address as spoofed sender like a decade ago.

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