@TheGibson Building a datacenter network on Juniper Virtual Chassis, after initial testing seemed promising.

It saved us a ton of work at a time where network automation was not yet a thing, and brought us into the 10G (EX) and 40G (QFX) era... But after half an hour of downtime during one of the "non-stop software upgrade" procedures (that was the final straw, there were problems every time before), no one dared touch the things for another upgrade for years until the platform was replaced.


@TheGibson I got a job offer after spending some (too much) time on writing a Perl script that did traffic accounting from TIS FWTK log files, 1995-ish. It worked quite well, until one day it didn't, and all the output was garbage.

I didn't know about integer overflows.

Luckily for me, Math::BigInt showed up somewhere around the time that happened.

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