...no idea when those were produced. There's no visible indication. The packaging with a paper wrap on the one end and twine on the other looks very old-fashioned. The lead core is rectangular instead of round. No later than the 1960s I'd guess?

@galaxis@mastodon.infra.de likely between 1900 and 1947, else it would be properly branded as "faber-castell" instead of "a.w. faber" with a mention of castell

@galaxis The handwriting might be Sütterlin.
At least that's a coarse estimate then.
After 1915 then, more reaslistically after 1920, if italic it may also have been after 1935.

@alsternerd @galaxis Na, that's just Krikelkrakel of someone who usually wrote Sütterlin. 😉 And *some* people even did write Sütterlin after 1942, so that is not really saying anything about the time when these pencils were produced.
I still agree, though, that these look pretty old. So some time between 1910 and 1940 is probably right.

@KAOS @alsternerd @galaxis according to logos.fandom.com/wiki/Faber-Ca the > A.W. Faber "Castell"< Logo/Name has been used between 1922 and 1932.

@alsternerd @datacop @KAOS @galaxis Such things make writers like me sooo happy. Not sure if I'd put them in a ahowcase or write with them, though.

@datacop Cool, danke - die Seite hatte ich nicht gesehen, als ich mich dazu kurz umgeschaut hatte.

@KAOS @alsternerd

@galaxis kannst ja mal Faber fragen, ohne Witz. Vielleicht wollen sie die sogar haben, dass scheint mir was für ein Museum.
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