Ugh, a batch of a dozen spam mails within five minutes, all the same, four different gmail accounts as senders, two recipients.

Clearly, Google's antispam system is working great.

@galaxis Gmail is a shitfest. I receive SPAM from Gmail addresses a couple of times a week. Aside from that, they do not have DNSSEC, no DANE, a DMARC record with p=none and the SPF set to softfail :flan_brick: :flan_molotov:

@h3artbl33d Yeah :flan_despair:

Though usually I get a constant dribble of them, and not a sudden spew (that also passes my spam filter).

@galaxis Seems to be related to botnet activity. Every once in a while, the floodgates are open. Fortunately, filtering on rDNS, FCrDNS and some spam lists is usually sufficient.

@h3artbl33d Yeah, my mail relay + rspamd is running on OpenBSD.
Though since I'm running mail for a couple of other people, blocking Gmail is not an option.

@galaxis Fully understand that :) iblock is a tool that allows blocking IPs that portscan your machine - often those scans don't originate from legit mailservers.

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