Looking at the number of posts received by my instance (which has a very selective view on the Fedieverse mostly driven by my interests), the Twitter expat wave earlier this year went by pretty quickly, though there is still some more activity than before the end of April - it seems some people stayed active over here nevertheless.

@galaxis I've been on Mastodon for a long time, but I found activity from people I followed had mostly died out or thinned out significantly.

When the big Twitter wave came... I just... came back? And I've been here again since. Wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people just "re-discovered" Mastodon because of the wave.

@ocdtrekkie Yeah, I think I've seen a couple of dormant accounts reappear. Nevertheless, my timeline looks very different (and a lot less diverse) than maybe a year ago. Haven't been very active at trying to find new people.

@galaxis I generally only find new people through organic follows of people other people I follow interact with. I suspect this might lead me to follow a bunch of little bubbles of people who know each other. Since there's no algorithm, it's hard to find just "new follows", I think.

@ocdtrekkie In the early days I was actively scouring the timelines of other instances and the follower lists of contacts for interesting accounts to add. I also think I had some more interaction over common interests? Right now most conversations seem kind of random.
I'm not unhappy with the state of things, but it's different.

@galaxis If @elonmusk really wants to foster microblogging where folks can make their own rules about what is or is not allowed, maybe he could toss some VC at the #Fediverse? Way cheaper than trying to reform the entrenched! #distributedchoice #electiveaffinities #thefutureislocal

@teledyn Not sure where Musk comes into play except maybe as a repellant. And certainly the last thing the Fediverse needs is VC money.

@galaxis it could be great! Musk and his cronies can have the hub they want (and the rest are free to block it) It's opensource so if they can salve any of the issues remaining, everybody wins.

Linux history is full of such stories.

The capital would of course be put on his own horse, of course, gotta keep it in the family, but whatever their crew can add helps us all. In theory...

@galaxis I am not surprised, but I am also not worried. Slow and steady progress will probably be more meaningful for the fediverse in the end.

@claudius Yeah, I'm not worried either. A slow organic growth fits the Fediverse environment better, and there's really too many inefficiencies and missing features to handle a sudden large increase in users.

As for the statistic itself, I assume it mostly shows an increase in activity from accounts I'm following due to the influx of new users, so it's a pretty indirect measuerment of whatever went on. I have not gained a lot of new relations from that wave.

@galaxis It's probably not telling the whole story, but I still think it's a good piece of information.

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