Sometimes I wish I could mute people for a day or so.

@Retrograde Ouch. I actually wasn't aware of that, as I spend most of my time in Pinafore.

I see SubwayTooter supports timed mutes too 🤦‍♂️

Oh well...

@galaxis Curious what happens if you filter their name on a time-limited basis.

But yes, I'd very much like myself.

My principle solution is to have lists, and remove those who tend to aggrevate from my primary list (it's ... quite limited in members).

Then view lists and disable the Home stream.

@dredmorbius @galaxis mastodon allows muting people for just one or two days? At least I have the option available on Tusky

@darckcrystale @dredmorbius @galaxis I can do it from the web interface too, at least running Hometown which is a slight fork

@galaxis I believe that's a new(ish) feature.

I remember now that I learned of it a few months back. The dialogue doesn't appear until after you've selected "mute", which is a bit too much hidden-s3cr37 s4uc3 for me, but whatevs.


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