Tried the new postmarketos-release-upgrade on a PineTab, and now it doesn't boot, like at all.

There's no data on the thing (it's basically unusable for my likes with any of the PostmarketOS spins), but I'll need to find a free microSD card for a reinstall... And the motivation to do it.

Well, it seems that Phosh is just broken on the PineTab right now? Downloaded the latest 22.06-phosh-18 image, and I get a black screen too.

postmarketOS 22.06 Plasma Mobile boots with screen output.

...ah, yeah, no - despite that, still black screen after installation. Aaaand back into the drawer with the thing, can't be bothered with debugging.


Surprise: PostmarketOS 22.06 Phosh 20220803-0536 is installable and boots on the PineTab. And it's usable enough to change some convenience settings.

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