Oh, first time lighttpd crashes on OpenBSD with that message ever since upgrading to 7.1

2022-09-20 15:22:22: (mod_openssl.c.3249) SSL: 1 error:06FFF064:digital envelope routines:CRYPTO_internal:bad decrypt (
2022-09-20 15:22:22: (mod_openssl.c.3249) SSL: 1 error:1404C119:SSL routines:ST_OK:decryption failed or bad record mac (

@galaxis Had this happen regularly on OpenBSD and then switched to nginx.

@js It was a major problem on 7.0 (up to the point that I wrapped lighttpd in a script that would restart the service), but mostly went away in 7.1, so I swiched back to the normal rc script.

(Another question is why lighttpd-angel never worked on OpenBSD, which supposedly should have caught crashes, but I think that doesen't exist anymore anyway...)

@galaxis I think it’s a problem of lighttpd having an incompatibility with LibreSSL. It never fully went away for me, only got less frequent. So I switched to nginx and no longer had any problems.

@js Heh, in an instance of Mastodon search being not quite useless I see that we talked about this about a year ago :blobwink:

@galaxis It’s funny and sad at the same time. Sad because it means nothing has changed since then :(

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