I don't remember where Gunnerkrig Court has been mentioned recently (here, or linked from a different web comic maybe), but I've been going through about the first five years of the archive over the past week or so, and it's still great?

(Doesn't mean it can't turn sour somewhere in the over 10 years I haven't seen yet.)


...looks like I'll be through the archives by the end of these holidays.

On the downside, I didn't read much else up to now, but I'm blaming that more on too much looking at the Fediverse stream and uselessly checking up on news from the Ukraine war...

(Also, what I have been reading were a couple of Ken Liu short stories collected in The Hidden Girl, and those weren't particularly uplifting either...)

...aaand I'm on the current last page of Gunnerkrig Court (#2683) on the last evening before we leave towards home.

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