Follow @frankiesaxx I'm still using an old Kobo touch. Sometimes buy books on the Kobo store, sometimes just drop epubs or PDFs via USB. The Kobo software is pretty well understood (for the old devices at least - didn't follow the developments since the Rakuten aquisition) and there's a just slightly hacky way to activate the devices without tying them to a vendor account. Works well with Calibre too, at least last time I tried.

It's really just an ebook reader though, no "apps"...

@galaxis @staticsafe Mine too. e-ink is really only suited to display text, lots and lots of text, and be comfortable for hours of reading. And I think having the dedicated device is nice because it's distraction free. The only time I ever even turn on wifi is when I want to get a book from the server. We have Calibre serving ODPS catalogues on the internal network.

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