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Alexander Bochmann @galaxis

Vendors are running into the first UNIX epoch problems...

Connectivity between SmartDashboard / SmartDomain Manager and Security Management / Multi-Domain Management Server R77.30 and below fails on fresh installation after January 24th 2018

The Internal Certification Authority (ICA) certificate is valid for 20 years. Starting on January 2018, the internal CA certificate expiration date will exceed the maximum Unix epoch time (January 19, 2038)

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(Currently trying to come up with other examples of software that automatically tries to create long-running certificates during installation... Hrmmmmm...)

@galaxis someone should make a book How To Derive 64-bit Time From 32-bit APIs And An NTP Client.

@SoniEx2 Right now I'm more worried about some embedded / appliance crap (that's possibly sitting in some storage as cold standby) with an old openssl and scripts that try to autocreate certificates with 20 years validity on the first startup.