Medium needs to stop doing this, or people need to stop using Medium.

It's a website that hosts blogs.

That you read.

it doesn't need your Fooglebaceook account.

@natecull Actually I never understood why medium became so popular. Because sites like wordpress weren't cool enough anymore?

@ckeen maybe because it deliberately blurred the difference between 'Legitimate Journalism! tm we paid for' and 'some rando just put up a blog'?

So every blog on it suddenly looked exactly the same and all of them looked like Legitimate Journalism! tm and all of them came with a built-in halo of pricey fact-checked goodness even when they absolutely weren't.

which in itself is not a very nice or ethical thing to do when you think about it


@natecull @ckeen It took a few Medium posts for me too to understand it's not a new online journal (or at least a collection of curated content), but just a souped-up blog platform...

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