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Alexander Bochmann

Right, thanks for the warning, Atari of 1991. it turns out, that was the fault of that PIO2 CF card. HDX does format a different one connected to the Thunder IDE with no problems.

atari-fdisk and dosfstools on Linux seem to have different opinions on what kind of partitions are valid on the Atari ST...

The past is now.

Next step: Trying to remember how to do sender-depended mail routing in sendmail.
Then: Fix various cnews scripts to throw less errors on modern systems. Or maybe make it less complicated and just use inn2.

Somehow I missed this was a thing: The Windows scurity center showed a notice that TPM firmware on my work laptop needs to be updated. Following a couple of knowledgebase links, I landed on, "RSA Keys Generated by Infineon TPMs are Insecure", aka CVE-2017-15361
"Only software that uses RSA keys generated by the TPM is affected by this vulnerability. No Lenovo-developed software uses the TPM for this purpose."
Now I'm wondering who does use RSA keys from the TPM.

Quick evening snapshot some time last week. Sky looked more impressive in real life.

Turns out the main noise source is the graphics card fan. And while NVIDIA tools have no options for fan speed, Zotac has a piece of software called "FireStorm", obviously targeted at overclockers, that also works with the card in the Zbox ER5. Reducing fan speed for room temperature conditions has been somewhat effective.
Unfortunately, there's no way to save the settings to the graphics card, which means FireStorm has to be loaded at boot with the preferred profile.

Just what I need on my Sunday mornings...

Kein Wasser übrig für den Gewerbebach in der Fischerau.

Ever since I bought a G4 iBook in 2004 (and later that year, an iPod mini), my music has been organized in iTunes. When I switched back to a PC notebook in 2011, I bought a software called SuperSync to keep the Mac and Windows iTunes libraries in sync. Used two of the five licenses back then.
Now I have another new PC, so I thought I'd try to use that again - yes, the company still sort of exists (last update released in 2016), their license server is still online, and my old keys still valid.

Ah damn - one of the old lime trees next to my flat is infected with some kind of aggressive fungus, and had to be taken down yesterday....

Halp, I'm installing a CentOS to actual hardware...

Must be some kind of illness...

DSL is back online. Technician confirmed that my line had been removed from both the building connection and the uplink distribution box...
Now I just hope I'm not on some bad line again, leading to another odyssey of support calls and debugging appointments.

What the flying fuck, ?

No, I don't want my web browsing gamified, thank you.

Way to spoil an otherwise useful extension. 🔥 🔥 🔥

My favourite thing about August is that it's plum season.
Other than that, summer can just go away.

One of my most hated misfeatures in recent Windows 10: It's nigh impossible to change the default handler for image files, as Windows will *always* claim there was a problem with the new default.

The file type association setting only sticks after the default app for the Photo viewer task has been set to the program you want to use (good old IrfanView in my case).

First post from the new (z)box. It's a barebone with CPU and graphics card pre-equipped, and slots for the few components that can be added are easily accessible - just screw off the four feet and remove the base plate to add RAM and disks (I just went with an M.2 SSD at first, but then decided to add a slightly bigger rotating disk too).

Currently going through the usual fight with abominable Windows defaults and reinstallation of essential software (that then needs configuration too)...