Oh, another low budget spam campagin phishing for 1&1 account credentials...

Maybe I should have a look at my word filters?

... ... ...


Me, moments ago: Why the hell is it so cold in here?

After looking up from the screen: Oh.

It seems 2GB of RAM definitely doesn't cut it anymore for even a single-user Mastodon instance (with elasticsearch). My system looks much happier after I allocated 4GB to the VM...

With 2GB, the system usually was using 800MB swap after just a day of operation - see munin memory graph below (the bump each night is xfsdump using up cache while traversing the media filesystem for incremental backups).

...redis, when Mastodon sidekiq jobs are being held up over a couple of days...

Wasn't aware the job queue is stored in redis?

Also from last weekend, since @goetz had bought one of those: A WiModem232...

Connects to wireless, with an own TCP/IP stack that can be configured with AT commands from the serial port. Can do inbound and outbound telnet (inbound produces a RING on the serial port, like dialin on a modem).


Hrm. My Mastodon instance has run out of memory. Hasn't happened in a long time, but for the past couple of days, there has been a linear growth in memory usage.

redis certainly has had a part in that, but not enough to eat up 2 GB of swap - so something else has to be wrong in addition to that.

Has anything changed in that regard with the 2.6 upgrade? Does anyone else see this?

So this seems to work too, in principle... But now I'm running out of time for today...

Packet-Writing to a BD-ROM drive connected to the Atari TT via Thunder IDE interface, using Uwe Seimet's HDDRIVER.
Still slightly buggy, not certain if it's due to HDDRIVER or Thunder (or both).

Quite neat to quickly get files from a PC with USB to some system with a printer port (Atari TT in this case): PARCP

Hard problems of the present: Running a DOS program that wants to write to a second disk drive.

(No, no one here had a DOS PC with a working disk drive...)

NVRAM on the Sparcstation 5 is now back on battery power too. No more setting up NVRAM after each boot.

Whatever software I used to write the backup tapes on my Atari ST back then seems to have used a (relatively) tar-compatible format...

My Atari TT is still the same collection of junk as ever. Atari TT case (without logo, could use some retrobrite), the HDD cover has been nicked from a Mega STe (different colour), the floppy drive was left over from a broken black custom case, a Mega ST keyboard, and a Logitech ST mouse...

I might be packing too much junk for the retrocomputing meeting this weekend, again...

*sigh* Another old service being shut down - was one of the more popular ftp mirror sites in central europe for a long time: mirror.switch.ch/

Must have been announced quite some time ago, but I only just learned today.

I don't think it's supposed to look like this...?

(Ok, it's just normal linux kernel boot from isolinux, but it seems the console isn't properly initalized at this point.)

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