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Alexander Bochmann

...and a selection of today's blossoms.

It just occurred to me that this poster that came with the Psygnosis game "Terrorpods" for the Atari ST must have been on one of my walls for 30 years now (the game had been released in 1987 - and I don't remember anything about it).

...and now I feel old.

TFW you hit a bug in the software of your expensive storage product, and support references an internal ticket - with no customer-facing information whatsoever.

Yeah, just as I feared... These two things don't go together... ☹


Hrm. Not sure that's going to fit between the VME slot and the TT RAM card?

My TT never was pretty (a contraption assembled from spare parts and leftovers), but it still works. Will have to set up some tools and general stuff before the Lightning VME becomes useful (only switched the system on to occasionally play with Atari System V over the past years - haven't seen the GEM desktop in a long time).

Broken Federated TL on 2.4.0rc1 sample:

I guess I know what I'll be doing tonight then...

WTF? Accessing the same page on the Lenovo web shop with Firefox and Vivaldi yields a completely different filtering result in uBlock? Firefox is being bombarded with 3rd party web components in comparison to Vivaldi...

The WW2 bomb that did not explode, fortunately.

Another WW2 bomb found in this evening. Seems they'll begin to try defusing it soon.

Had been buried below a car dealership for the past decades, which recently moved to a new place. Not far from university hospital.

@galaxis Apropos NeXT....

(Never managed to acquire any black NeXT sustems though, even though a previous employer still had a bunch of those...)

tbh I'm not quite sure when (and why!?) I put those at the bottom of the cable drawer...

Things you notice while trying to avoid cleaning up: Not sure that's the best choice of name for the setup program...

Ok. No more PowerPC stuff. Takes up too much space.

Apparently, there's a burst in the pollen production of fir trees every 7 years, and we currently are having one of those...