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Alexander Bochmann

@kensanata I'll file a feature request for an option to disable fetching of previews as an instance admin later today.

Preview media is a major resource hog for a small instance, and there's no real expiry mechanism (that I'm aware of) either.

@kensanata Looks like the next release will have lazy loading of previews, when the post is first viewed on an instance:

Not perfect, but probably less bad than the situation up to now.

Hah, fun. Of course, setting an instance to "Allow invites by no one" doesn't disable still valid invites, and since you can make invites for unlimited people and an unlimited amount of time, there's no good way to lock down an instance.

It's dangerous to go alone, take this #mastoadmin #chaosadmin

@vautee Haha. Eines der doofen Dinge am älter werden... Hatte ich vor ein paar Monaten auch.
Komm' aber am Monitor nicht so super damit zurecht, weil ich bei meiner üblichen Kopfhaltung immer zu weit unten im Nahteil gucke.

@chosafine @kellerfuchs That was more or less the conclusion of the German constitutional court when it derived a right on confidentiality and integrity of information technology systems from the general personal rights, ten years ago.
Not that it has stopped intelligence services and police from fielding attacks on IT systems in order to access user data.

@PinkCathodeCat Different extension, but the Tab Kit 2 fork for PM still seems supported (claims to do tree style tabs too)?

Right, thanks for the warning, Atari of 1991.

Oh, wait, it sais "Long tap to delete." right there at the end of the list. Which isn't visible when there are a lot of drafts.

...and to delete a draft, it wants a long touch on the list of posts (instead of tapping them to restore the draft). Apparently.

Aaaaagh! How many times did I curse for losing posts when switching to a different Android app... Only now I found out that edit screen has a "Restore from draft" option hidden behind the dotted menu that has a copy of all the unfinished posts... it turns out, that was the fault of that PIO2 CF card. HDX does format a different one connected to the Thunder IDE with no problems.

Huh. I have an old CF card that just does PIO2. And one that supports UDMA/66. and another one reports MWDMA2 (all of them tried on the same IDE/CF adapter)...

I was aware that CF cards are basically IDE devices, but somehow I'm still surprised.

(Not visible from the outside though, since the UUCP transport hop doesn't show up in the headers anywhere.)

So I can confirm that the old smarttable hack still works with sendmail 8.15...

It does match on the envelope from though, so the MUA needs to be able to set that... With mutt, I'll have to use something like mutt -e 'set use_envelope_from=yes' -e 'set from=user@domain' (which results into an ugly X-Authentication-Warning in the header, but oh well...)

Anyways, I now have in- and outgoing mail connectivity via UUCP again. Encrypted even, tunneled using openssl.

atari-fdisk and dosfstools on Linux seem to have different opinions on what kind of partitions are valid on the Atari ST...

@dashie Yeah, some, though I got a few more boxes elsewhere, like two sun3/160 in the basement... Those were last powered on like 15 years ago?

@Miredly More recently, there was GlassWire, who unfortunately switched to a subscription model some time ago. The free version still provides some basic functionality (didn't try using it for quite some time & don't remember if the outbound filter configuration is available or not).

Other than that, maybe TinyWall? Found that while looking for GlassWire, since I didn't quite remember the name at first:

@maloki So? I think GNUsocial always has had a higher character limit on posts. I get a few longer posts on my timeline too, but I fail to see the problem with that. For me, having to hit yet another UI control in order to expand long posts is much more of an inconvenience than just scrolling over them in the format we have.