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Open source is a licensing scheme, free software and ethical technology are software ideologies. As far as I understand it, the first aligns with the goal of surveillance capitalism, the second may be used for it, and the third openly conflicts with it.

Whoops, completely missed that the mastodon streaming died some time before the 2.6.3 upgrade (and no, I'm not running it under a supervisor).

[502706.700929] node[3194]: segfault at 74696e69 ip 00000000085d7106 sp 00000000ffb93e60 error 6 in node (deleted)[8048000+1a4f000]
[502706.770978] node[2193]: segfault at 74696e69 ip 00000000085d7106 sp 00000000ffd00720 error 6 in node (deleted)[8048000+1a4f000]

Daaamn... I would really like to have a recent Firefox on the old OpenPandora... But getting there would mean I'd have to set up a cross-build environment based off the old OpenEmbedded stuff that makes the Pandora SuperZaxxon release, get a new compiler, find out which system libraries I'd need to build in more recent versions, learn how to do a FF cross-build, and then package it all up as a PND.

Yeah, I'll not even get started on that...

Today: Testing the new datacenter container building for leaks (literally).

The downside of buying small time-killing games on Steam is that Steam then records just how much time you've been killing with them...

Today, a colleague asked about QSPF optics statistics on 40 and 100GB links (that use four pairs of fibre). Hadn't ever looked at those, but predictably it turns out that yes, you actually get independent sensor data for each lane.

VMware, before the release of vCenter 6.7: We finally got rid of the Flash client in vSphere 6.7! Really!! For good!!!

VMware, after the release of vCenter 6.7: Uh, for functions that are still missing or buggy in the HTML5 client, please use the "Flex" client. Note that it does require Flash.

Stop telling me about Pinebooks. Maybe I should just filter the word until after christmas.

(Ok, but then, if I tried to order one now, and it wouldn't arrive in time for 35C3, it would probably make me quite unhappy. So better stop thinking about getting one.)

So much for trying to resist to christmas time temptations this year...

Duh. Why the hell did I never use "sysmerge -p" up to now, and instead went to find out which configuration details had changed in installed ports on my own (only when things failed to start after an upgrade, usually)?

I'm a bit late upgrading my OpenBSD things to 6.4, but hey... Better late than never.

In regard to the unexplained "Amazon published user email addresses" news bit, I remember to occasionally have seen email addresses on public wishlists, even when not being logged in myself. But that was years ago.

Also it seems it's about time for my periodic "the web UI edit field is a broken piece of crap" post... I'm on my old Thinkpad with an 2.5GHz Core2 Duo CPU, and typing text into the edit field lags by over a second.

I'm not quite sure what it supposedly is processing there, I mean it's just plain text and the occansional emoji.

At some point I really should just block all of, instead of each of the accounts that get boosted into my timeline.

A blast from the past: Received a copy of the current wave of porn extortion spam mails, to an email address I used exactly once, in 2005, to register Softick BlueFiles (a Bluetooth file transfer software for PalmOS) through the then-popular RegNow registration service.

Mildly wonder who of those lost the address to the spam pool during the years since then...

Leute regen sich (auf den blauen Vogel) auf das der CCC und der #35C3 Antifaschistisch sind und wollen deshalb nicht auf den Congress. Meine Antwort dazu, gut so, auf Faschisten und "Neutrale" haben wir echt keinen Bock, bleibt weg.

After fighting with guest network setup on a Fritz!Repeater for half an hour, it turns out that it's really hard to push the WPS button on a Fritz!Box for six seconds when buttons are disabled somewhere in the security settings... The WPS button in the web UI just enables standard WPS mode instead of the proprietary mesh mode, so the repeater was never actually booked in as a mesh client, and couldn't learn the guest network configuration...

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