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Somebody has uploaded the 1989 NeXT Software and Peripherals Catalog on the Internet Archive.

Such amazing stuff: take your time and browse it in all its glory!

It seems that the equivalent of the Apache Software Foundation for non-OSS applications is Corel. Just look at this list of applications:

"Most famous for its CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Corel owns a surprisingly vast range of software assets that also includes WordPerfect, WinZip, PaintShop Pro, and many others. Corel in December confirmed that it had acquired virtualization pioneer Parallels for an undisclosed sum."

#corel #wordperfect

Why again does my vendor get signals about customer activity in the web UI of the on premise installation of their product?

Can someone send me to a different timeline please?

(That's from the vCloud Director HTML5 customer portal.)

Sales people at the same desk during lunch: "...for new customers we're getting a risk profile associated to the browser instance of the user and their previous purchase activity elsewhere..."

Now I'm kind of curious who is exchanging information with whom in the online tracking sphere to make something like that feasible.

David Fifield hat einen Blick auf Zip-Bomben geworfen und diese verbessert. Eine 46MB große Datei expandiert jetzt zu 4,5PB bzw. 4.500TB.

Das Ganze geschieht ohne Rekursion, wie bei der Beeindruckend.

I had to open a youtube video for moderation purposes.

The video was calling trans people mentally ill - if you ever post something like this on this instance you're banned, it's against my terms of service.

I opened that video in a browser that I don't normally use and in that browser now I'm getting a bunch of hateful stuff recommended, UKIP fringe shit and Fox news trashtalking trans people.

It was ONE fucking video. And people are wondering how Youtube is radicalizing others. This is how.

In case anyone ever needs to delete an controller that's stuck during deployment and not accessible in the web UI:

curl --insecure --basic --user <NSX-Admin>:<Password> -X DELETE "https://<NSX-Manager>/api/2.0/vdn/controller/controller-<x>?forceRemoval=True"

DEpol / EU 

Okay, here we go

We claim absolutely no responsibility if you fuck up your computer or files with this

@nihl oh, one other point, you can triple click the side button and it disables touch or Face ID, requiring the passcode. If there's a particular threat or situation where you have some advance notice, you can do that.

Whoopise - seems that PCextreme doesn't clear reverse DNS info when someone deletes one of their cloud instances... Just created a new one, and it was shipped with a reverse DNS entry that I certainly did not create...

Should have known that before deleting other VMs on there...

Why am I still adding feeds to my RSS reader when I'm only rarely reading anything on there these days?

Falls Sonntag wer in Freiburg rumläuft: Um 19:00 Uhr spiele ich im Eschholzpark mit den Uplifters ein kurzes Set Tanzmusik. #FreiburgStimmtEin #live #musik #reggae #tw

"Please do not put any vehicles here".

Added by someone in cursive: "except bikes"

Has anyone else seen increased memory usage of their instance after upgrading to 2.9?

I'm currently noticing a more or less linear growth in memory usage (with a small bump down each night) ever since I installed 2.9.2

Yesterday, I had to disable the 6GB memory limit on the lxd container I keep my Mastodon in, as there was just too much swapping going on.

Manchmal haben Altbauten ja auch Vorteile, wie z.B. ausstellbare Rolläden für Schatten tagsüber (wenn sie nicht irgendwann wegsaniert worden sind) - und Oberlichter, die man bedenkenlos die ganze Nacht auflassen kann (same).

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