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Freizeitoptiker am Werk: Opakes Decefix als Okklusionsfolie an der Computerbrille, nachdem ich bemerkt habe, dass das bessere Auge in letzter Zeit bei der Arbeit stark bevorzugt wird. Gestern musste ich mich noch einigermaßen anstrengen, um mit dem anderen Auge ein scharfes Bild zu bekommen, aber heute geht es schon viel besser.
Führt natürlich trotzdem nichts um einen Besuch beim Augenarzt und neue Bildschirmbrille vorbei...

WTF? When did Windows 10 activate that option for me? Because I sure as hell didn't.

When we were in Sweden in 2018 we saw many shops that refused cash. I don’t think we ever got any cash in two weeks. Every single transaction benefitted the credit card company and the credit card issuer. You might argue that cash also costs money: handling it, counting it, guarding it, escorting it, losing it, all of it costs money. The difference is the digitalization of credit card fees. The cost of cash is distributed, decentralized. The cost of credit cards is concentrated, monopolized.

Looking for a simple Linux CPU benchmark. Doesn't need to be comparable to anything but itself (bogomips would be fine): I just want to get a rough indication of how CPU resources available to a VM fluctuate as I make changes to the outside environment.

Been trying to use stress-ng to that end, but it's getting on my nerves: Logging doesn't work (log-file in a job description does nothing, and using the commandline option produces useless results) and the timestamp option seems a no-op too.

Hey people - I have a policy / organization question: Where would you place the responsibility for identity and access management in a company of about 100 employees?
Active Directory is the technology, so operational responsibility is obvious. But IAM as a business function? Very much less so.
HR might be an obvious choice in a larger organisation, but I doubt that's an option in this case. The CISO is overloaded as is. Somehow no one wants to step up...

Prekär arbeiten mit Lime & Co: "Auf einer App werden ihm alle E-Roller mit weniger als 15 Prozent Ladung angezeigt. Dann sammelt er die Scooter ein – mit seinem Privatauto. Ein Dienstfahrzeug wird nicht gestellt, es gibt auch keine zentrale Ladestelle. Stattdessen lädt er die E-Roller bei sich zu Hause auf."

Wie das keine Scheinselbstständigkeit sein soll, muss mir auch mal jeman erklären...

Gab stuff 

Gab stuff 

Ah dang. Seems my right eye has been getting more long-sighted again recently, undetected. Brain just switches the image off when it gets too bad (makes mostly no difference when looking at the screen), but after some time of this the left eye gets stressed out, which I do notice...

So I'll probably need new computer glasses soon-ish 👓 :crt_w_prompt: 😒

in a strange way it is terrifically liberating to not earn my living with infosec any more.

It seems to us that in Europe there is war again. We pray that some starry night soon we may again all meet in peace and exchange our greetings from continent to continent as we have done in happier days.

1st gen Olympus OM-D E-M10 with the exceptionally affordable (as these things go) 40-150mm f4.0-5.6 Zoom. I've been getting a lot of use out of that lens.

Probably the first time I've actually used the wifi remote shutter function of my camera, trying to catch one of the birds visiting for water...

: Richard Dawson - scientist

(The album version. I don't really get what the guy is doing, but it's still one of my favourite songs of the past couple of years.)

Anyways, looking on YT finds this live version (which restarts about three minutes in):

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