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Caved in and created a Discord account to check up on something where I had not other means of contact.

Wow, that thing is a pain to use (at least with the web interface, not installling the app for sure). Hiding the "Log out" option in the settings is an excellent idea too.

Apropos backups... Any news on the status of Haven't seen anything on my timeline...

Anscheinend (hieß es gestern bei der kurzen Führung) gibt es heute niemanden mehr, der so großflächige Holzfurniere herstellen kann: Direktorenzimmer des ehemaligen Provinzialbankgebäudes am alten Markt in Stralsund.

So what I take from Mozilla's document on disabling DoH in ( is that I add "" to the blacklist in Pi-hole?

Now it would be nice if that was a standard for all software that thinks DoH is a good idea, but I guess that's improbable...

(Also why would any network that does DNS interception pass that canary domain? Making it so easy for providers to disable DoH kinda defeats the stated intent of protecting users of malicious networks...)

Somehow jvns' recent "How to put an HTML page on the internet" article puts me into an existential crisis. Yes, ok, that's certainly one way to publish a static HTML page - but it depends on two services (both of which require an account), and an unfathomable amount of invisible magic? Why has everything to be so detached from the actual technology?

On the other hand, could I write down a "better" way that doesn't depend on tons of implicit knowledge in as little space?

Unicode is fun!

"Each of the languages above reports the string length as the number of code units that the string occupies. Python 3 strings have (guaranteed-valid) UTF-32 semantics, so the string occupies 5 code units. In UTF-32, each Unicode scalar value occupies one code unit. JavaScript (and Java) strings have (potentially-invalid) UTF-16 semantics, so the string occupies 7 code units. Rust strings are (guaranteed-valid) UTF-8, so the string occupies 17 code units."

Pinafore v1.12.2 

Look at Federated timeline (which contains posts from people I've unfollowed, but not blocked), meet Fediverse drama.

Why is the developer community of certain Fediverse software such a shitshow?

Also found my old modem while looking for that side rule.

Wanted to check up on Outsider comic updates, which resulted in a 404.
Apparently the author's DNS registrar account has been hijacked...

In related news, I feel like I need to reiterate how awful Wasabi is. I am trying to download the 120GB media directory back to my local server and am getting about 10KB/s on average. I'm really stunned at how slow that service is.

Wie Microsoft auf das Projekt Münchens reagiert hat auf Linux umzustellen.

Das hier ging vor ein paar Tagen schon mal hier durch, aber ich hatte bis jetzt keine Zeit es zu lesen. Pflichtlektüre! Sollten alle in der IT-Welt gelesen haben.

Ok, not only is cookie persistence broken in 69.0, but there's rendering problems too: Yesterday I noticed missing dividers between posts in Pinafore, and today I see strange artifacts on other web sites too: Like the diagonal line breaking off a divider on the attached Heise Newsticker screenshot - and several other horizontal lines that are incomplete...

Maybe I should just downgrade for now.

i recommend not to buy ZZ9000 for 500 EUR on ebay. you can get a new one much cheaper from us

Développements en cours sur le serveur Minitel :
Et voilà, Minitels de 1ère génération compatibles !

The BlackBerry Android bug where the screen keeps locking when the phone is on EDGE data only is getting really annoying now...

Yes, yes, ok, I'm going to change to an LTE contract after the holidays...

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