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...still not quite there.

MiNT kernel dropping into shell after the SpareMiNT init can't load my current XaAES...

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After a day of trying, I'm *almost* at the stage where I understand the interactions between FreeMiNT system configuration, EasyMiNT symlink hell, and SpareMiNT init system.

Altes Fett wegputzen, neues Kriechöl auftragen. Und schon flutscht der Diskettenauswurf wieder! #cetik

FritzBox VPN and telephony app to the rescue! Now can make calls through my landline number (as long as I'm in range to an accessible Wifi)... Good enough until I'm back home and can set up the new SIM card...

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So apparently the Lightning VME board in the TT really doesn't play well with my Riebl VME network card: The Riebl is still detected by NetBSD/atari when both devices are present on the bus, but then reports transfer timeouts and gives up. Same on Atari System V (which is super picky anyway).

Unfortunately this means I'll have to remove the Lightning board whenever I want to work on ASV 😞

Or maybe try to acquire a second TT, but that's probably unrealistic nowadays...

...although I'll apparently need to update the MiNT kernel in order to be able to use USB networking through the Lightning VME.

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Yay, finally!

(A mostly complete EasyMiNT installation on a TT, using the Thing desktop and bash in a TosWin2 window.) if I could find out how to make OpenBSD on a PowerMac eject the medium from a ZIP drive...

(Yes, I'm creating my own problems here.)

Something like "eject /dev/rsd0a" results in:

Nov 2 12:20:18 macbsd /bsd: sd0(atapiscsi1:0:0): Check Condition (error 0x70) on opcode 0x1b
Nov 2 12:20:18 macbsd /bsd: SENSE KEY: Not Ready
Nov 2 12:20:18 macbsd /bsd: ASC/ASCQ: Incompatible Medium Installed

Removed the Thunder IDE card from the TT, and suddenly things are stable... That's unfortunate...

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Well, excellent... Apparently my old mobile provider disabled my current SIM card today, while the new one had announced to port the number on Monday. So I didn't bring the new SIM card for the weekend...
Now confined to WiFi networks, and can't get Threema Call to work on Android, either.

Well... Even if the disk contents are not messed up after the installation, I'm still stuck at the XaAES crash when booting MiNT for the first time.
I think I'll clean up the whole thing one more time tomorrow and try an installation on the C: drive, just to be sure it isn't some damn EasyMiNT bug when choosing a different system drive...

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Things are so much easier when you can just use an USB stick to transfer files...

(EasyMiNT installer on the Atari TT)

Unfortunately it seems that the Lightning USB VME card doesn't play well with the Riebl network card, so I have no networking.

Giving up on this for today, let's have another go at setting up MiNT with all the drivers for the Lightning - this time using an SCSI2SD as storage, as the Thunder IDE card keeps clobbering my partitions...

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Ich schau' ja nur alle Jubeljajhre mal auf vorbei, deswegen kriege ich jetzt erst mit, dass der Betreiber das Forum nächstes Jahr schließen will:

Könnte zwar eine Nachfolgeregelung geben ("Bewerbungen bis 31.12.2019",, aber wie so oft ist das Problem weniger Geld oder Technik, sondern Zeit für Moderation und Betreuung. Leider gibt's auch in der kleinen Szene ein paar anstrengende Leute...

Haha, ok. Installing tenox' WRP on an old RPi1 was not a very good idea, since it renders web pages using chrome... So that's WAY too slow...

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