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Random shuffle playing Hüsker Dü - Diane

Don't think I needed that tonight...

Another day ill in bed, but at least things have improved enough to spend some time with Snowden's book. Chapter 5 next (after a pause).
I found the intro describing his impeccable American settler pedigree and the family's military and public service history somewhat tiring, but I guess it's important for the more conservative part of his home audience.
His early online experiences are very relatable, though I'm older and spent my teens on non-internet BBSes and the like. "Hacking", next.

Very rarely I wish I had an "only pleasant songs right now" playlist.

Oh the hell... Why is Android 8.1 on this BlackBerry insisting on formatting SD cards with ExFat, when it can't keep its shit together? I have a mere 6k files in my media library on that card, and things get corrupted after just a couple of days each time I do a fresh sync over from the iTunes media directory?
Fun things like directories that can't be found or files that can be found but not read, and then random resets when hitting some of those.

Just let me make this old adopted storage pls?


Last week the entire WH cybersecurity staff left enmasse’.

Congress should probably consider asking them about what happened.

They saw something, and refused to be a stool pigeon... I know this move, I’ve had to pull it before.

Apropos of nothing:

If you use the de-facto default Android barcode scanner app (zxing), you should probably make sure it's not silently sending everything to Google. Turn off “Add to history” and “Retrieve more info” in the settings.

Crazy... An Atari TT in standard configuration going for over €2000 on Ebay. Ok, according to the other pictures, it looks almost unused, but still...

Maybe I didn't pay too much for that bare mainboard after all?

(And now I really should delete my Ebay reminder for that topic...)

Having a closer look at the ancient AT&T AST packaging system ("package" command). Sources:

T H E AT & T A S T

The Fourth Generation Make

#ksh #att #ast #nmake

Hrm. Unfortunately her voice loses a lot on the studio recording, compared to that live take...

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How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

@murph @craigmaloney I'm all but positive I had in mind Wabi, which was a Windows Application Binary Interface emulator for Solaris / Unix, produced by Sun. Probably with MSFT assist at some point.

Dear #MastoMind: Does anyone recall a #Solaris / #SunOS version of #MicrosoftOffice that may have been offered in the late 1990s?

I seem to recall this, but can't track anything down.


It's always excellent when you get on-call alarms from customer contacts - and then it turns out that their IT is doing planned maintenance, but didn't bother to keep anyone informed about that.

@aral sorry, that supersize coupon is only valid for the dystopian part of your order. Everything else must be fought over. But you can raise this issue with our citizen support representative, he'll be waiting for you in the detention area.

There are people who will tell you that the way things are is the way things have always been and will always be.

Don’t listen to these people.

The way things are is just raw material for the way things can be. And by your every action or inaction you help determine what that is.

So my partner would prefer if I didn't listen to Stef Chura on loudspeakers since she thinks the voice is plain unbearable...

I, in turn, clicked right through to bandcamp though...

: Stef Chura - they'll never

The EU infosec scene has strong roots in the hacking community which is mostly left/hard-left/anarchist. The very few entrepreneurs built something which was often honest and sold off later to great profit to large US companies.

The counterpoint are the “big four” consultancies in Europe who recruit and form mainly “well-aligned” personnel. These mingle with difficulty with the previous lot but tend to make use of them when they are out of their depths.

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