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Pondering spinning up an U-boat Jitsi instance at work (maybe Matrix too, while I'm at it), just to have it available in case Webex gets overwhelmed at some point - we're paying for Webex and Cisco Teams accounts.

On the other hand, presenting a competing service right now, when not even everyone is on board with the company-wide conferencing solution yet, maybe is a bad idea...

COVID, Einkaufswahnsinn 

Bei unserem Aldi gab's nebenbei noch Klopapier (überall sonst im Einkaufszentrum allerdings komplett abgeräumt), und niemand den ich gesehen habe hat mehr als eine Packung davon mitgenommen.

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COVID, Einkaufswahnsinn 

Frag' mich ja, wann die ganzen Mengen an Reis, Mehl, Haferflocken, H-Milch etc., die im Moment gekauft werden, dann im Müll landen, weil keiner sie verarbeiten kann...

...und fast jeder hat Fotos gemacht, kennt man ja sonst nicht hierzulande.

So I guess this is my temporary home office setup at my partner's place for now - using the company laptop instead of my own PC and remote desktop, since the laptop has a camera for video conferencing.

Now I just need to find out why the hell video calls with Jabber tend to end with local Wi-Fi disconnects, regardless of whether I'm using Jabber on the iPhone or the desktop client. Using audio only is no problem.

COVID, VPN usage stats 

Slight increase in VPN sessions today. Guess it's going to look much different at the end of next week now almost all of the German states have announced to close schools on Tuesday...

One (unverified) remark on IRC today was that the residential ISPs are seeing a notable increase in IPv4 traffic as most the enterprise VPN gateways are only reachable via v4, while other typical home usage has a good share of IPv6 traffic by now. CGN may become a bottleneck for some...

Nachdem die Region Grand-Est vom RKI zum Risikogebiet erklärt worden ist, sagt der Konzern, dass Mitarbeiter aus dem Elsass zuhause bleiben sollen...

Die erste Lizenzerweiterung auf dem VPN-Gateway ist eingespielt...

Ich hab mal ein bisschen was zur effektiven Zeitplanung in Heimarbeit geschrieben:

Kollege heute im Büro beim Versuch, einen DNS-Namen für einen S3-Endpunkt zu finden: "schopf3"

(Ein Schopf ist im Dialekt der Gegend hier ein Schuppen, in dem irgendwelcher Kram gelagert wird...)


just verified for myself: the latest debian+phosh image for the #pinephone now has working phone calls, out of the box.


@galaxis a secure username must be at least 8 characters, must have uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols, must not have repeating patterns, must not contain your first or last name, and must not contain any of your previous 25 usernames

Someone seems to have mixed up their password and username tables...

sshd[4749]: Disconnected from invalid user PA$$w0rd1234

Heute ist kein erfreulicher Tag für uns. Die #clt2020 werden an diesem Wochenende nicht stattfinden. Wir bedauern die kurzfristige Entscheidung, folgen damit aber den Empfehlungen der Gesundheitsbehörden. Wir sehen uns spätestens zum

Still puzzling over this... According to an "ethtool -S ens3" the counter that increases is "rx_short_length_errors"

Couldn't find a useful reference that tells me what this could be about.

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This is a great idea: take a document on the internet that might contain malware and convert it into a safe document

"I made a messaging app for, and with, my family. It is ruthlessly simple; we love it; no one else will ever use it."

Why the hell do I have RX frame errors on an emulated e1000 interface of a KVM VM?

(No idea why the hoster doesn't use virtio - there's no configuration option for the interface type...)

Very cool!

DuckDuckGo just shared a data set of 5,326 domains used by 1,727 companies that track your behavior online.

The data is publicly available and automatically generated and maintained through continuous crawling and analysis.

If you use Firefox, especially in a tiling window manager where 'popup' isn't really a meaningful feature, you may find it annoying that websites will open windows that have functionality disabled. Go to about:config, accept the warning, and search for 'dom.disable_window_open_feature'. This will give a list of controls that websites may want to remove in windows they open. Setting any item to 'true' will disable the website's ability to screw with it. #firefox #countWebula

No, they don't:

# file /usr/local/hylafax/bin/faxstate /usr/local/hylafax/bin/faxstate: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib/, for GNU/Linux 2.2.0, stripped

I can run 32bit binaries, but /lib/ hasn't existed ... for a long time.

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