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So. NetBSD 8 and 8.1 had softfloat problems too. NetBSD 7.2 doesn't even boot up the kernel.

Let's try 7.0.2 and then I've had it for today. This would be less tedious if rebooting the machine from NetBSD wouldn't require removing the battery - a simple reset is not enough to get it back up in Windows CE...

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Not just MS Windows used to be available on many disks...

(Cub'X is an X11 system for Nexststep.)

Haha... Even an ifconfig xi0 up throws a "Floating point exception", so I guess mips softfloat is still broken.

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Uh. I don't remember how to get into config mode... And even if I did, I wouldn't know the password...

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Apparently the clock on that thing has a really good battery, since it has the current time, and I think the system has last been powered on some time like 2005 maybe?

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Ok. Now I'm slightly frustrated.

It seems the serial port on the docking station of my ThinkPad is non-operational? Since I haven't been able to make it talk to the Ascend router, at least using PuTTY.

Plugged the Prolific USB serial adapter that turned out unsupported on W10 into the iBook, ran "screen -T vt100 /dev/tty.usbserial 9600" in a Terminal, and I get the router console?

, I guess...

Interesting... A problem with the NE2000 driver specifically? A Xircom card is being detected and stays online. Well, except for the "no carrier"... :flan_shrug:

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Ah, yes, great. "ne0: where did the card go?" sounds like I'll have no network, which makes things slightly difficult...

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Today seems like a good day for my yearly "let's see what's broken in the current NetBSD/hpcmips release" exercise...

In 8.1, the installer ran out of memory when trying to set up disk partitions, and it seemed there was some general problem with softfloat support...

(Also I apparently forgot to remove the buffer batteries last time - though it seems I was lucky and they didn't leak... And the case bottom seems to have developed a crack that I didn't notice before...)

Somehow I had way more fun with computers when they were slow, and making things work, on a budget, with barely adequate resources, was hard work that required a good grasp of the components of a system and their interactions.

Maybe I'm years deep into a boreout after all, and just can't find any real traction in a world where all resources are abundant.

in 2002 you would buy the highest end servers and link them with fancy cables so they could pretend to be one really, really powerful server with hundreds of processors

in 2020 you buy the highest end servers and install software so they can pretend to be hundreds of servers with one processor

Here's my latest keyboard, a TEX Shinobi. It's a ThinkPad X220/T420/T520 style layout, but with mechanical switches. USB-C and optional Bluetooth.

I got the kit version, and used Kailh BOX Jade switches.

I really need some "show my my last post about five times in my own timeline before sending it out to anyone else" functionality in order to be able to weed out the worst mistakes and typos...

@polychrome think about what Facebook wants from a service that embeds scripts on pages all over the internet

I so hope that Facebook pulls Giphy integration from all third parties because that animated canned crap clogging out our work chat channels really gets me down 🤢

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