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35 years ago, the predecessor to this pedestrian bridge used to sit on a sleek concrete arch. At least that's what my memory tells me.

(Somewhere near the house where my grandparents used to live...)

My Storm ST has arrived, adding 8MB of alternate RAM to an Atari ST or Mega ST.

Now I /really/ have to dig out and check the Mega ST (also got their IDE and flashable TOS modules for the ST earlier on). Would be cool if all that would work with the 25MHz 68k accellerator I have in there (so I would have four different boards stacked on the CPU connector - not sure all that even fits in the case in the end). But it certainly makes the Mega ST viable for use with MiNT.

It's 2020, and we have a vulnerability in telnetd (from inetutils):

This apparently also affects several vendors that sell network gear which uses Linux tools, like IOS XE or EOS. I don't suppose many people are inclined to run a telnetd today, but it's still not quite uncommon enough in network infrastructure environments.

Hey Follower,
wir haben 12 iMacs 21,5" aus Mitte 2011 geschenkt bekommen.
Wir bekommen auf das Gerät kein Linux drauf. Verbaut ist eine Radeon HD6450M Grafikkarte
Was wir bisher gemacht haben:

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS mit nomodeset option = freeze im grafikinstaller
Manjaro 18.0 XFCE bleibt in der Console hängen

Offensichtlich passt was mit den Treibern von der Grafikkarte nicht.
Wir freuen uns auf Hinweise 😅

#followerpower #linux

TIL: In Firefox dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled can be used to prevent websites from blocking your paste (e.g. for a login form).


Werbemail von gestern so: "Nur noch sechs Monate bis Weihnachten!"

...when you look at your /etc and wonder, what the hell is this file?

That was from quite a few dist-upgrades ago...

I'll have to subscribe to the debian-m68k mailing list and ask a couple of questions there - apparently the installer doesn't like something about the repository and doesn't want to download any of the remaining components (and I haven't found out how to access the virtual IDE CD from the installer initrd either).

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Even if you are not working with Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX™) data, this is extremely good background reading into how you can better inform yourself when consuming CTI (threat intelligence) news

Defining Campaigns vs. Threat Actors vs. Intrusion Sets

Vocabulary definitions etc

Attack Motivation Vocabulary

Attack Resource Level Vocabulary

For the journalists following me: just FYI, I'm *not* the developer of Adblock Plus. I *was* the developer of ABP until 2012, one of the developers until 2018. I know that you need a catchy description for your article, but could you maybe use the past tense next time?

...when you reboot someone's VM and see:

Linux version 2.6.32-5-amd64 (Debian 2.6.32-48squeeze8) ( (gcc version 4.3.5 (Debian 4.3.5-4) ) #1 SMP Sat Jul 12 16:47:57 UTC 2014

🙄 :flan_shrug:


ARAnyM LILO config currently is:

LoadToFastRam = Yes
Kernel = ~/Downloads/vmlinux-5.6.0-2-m68k
Args = root=/dev/ram load_ramdisk=1 ramdisk_size=25000 video=atafb:vga16 stram_swap=0 debug=par verbose console=tty0 debian-installer/framebuffer=false
Ramdisk = ~/Downloads/initrd.gz

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Don't you love it when a search for a phrase returns all of two results?

Apparently, it's a framebuffer problem.

Next try.

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Gets slightly better when supplying an initrd *cough*

Still doesn't boot to anything usable though.

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Tbh I'm somewhat unreasonably excited for Macs with ARM CPUs. Finally one of the players is starting to shake up the desktop CPU monoculture of the past years.

Don't really care about any of the other announcements, and I'm not even sure I like most of the MacOS changes.

(Only watched a text summary of the show.)

Tried to make ARAnyM boot a Linux-m68k kernel, but apparently the "-l" command line option mentioned in the wiki is gone? ARAnyM always seems to load EmuTOS from the default location.

We went to some exhibition for the first time since the lockdown started today - Foundation Beyeler in Riehen have extended their display of early Edward Hopper paintings. Switzerland doesn't require wearing masks inside the rooms right now (we did nevertheless, but were decidedly in the minority with that).

Took a couple of pictures from the Beyeler Collection area (and a few full-frame snaps of paintings, where allowed, but reproducing those in public is probably problematic)...

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