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Heh. Guess our local (German) newspaper doesn't have many people using their app on an English language device..

Installed LMDE from there yesterday... Remaining problems: Key mapping with the Apple keyboard is a mess (especially so when your mind is on "it's an Apple keyboard, so I certainly have Apple shortcuts"), and there's a bunch of "irq xx: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)" messages during boot.

Contrary to the Debian notes for the macmini3,1 hardware, there's no problem with nouveau, but maybe that's due to using rEFInd instead of Apple's EFI bootloader?

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Oh hey, my crappy old Dexxa (Logitech) Quickcam Express still works with v4l2...

I can see an image with xawtv and save snaps using fswebcam, but Cheese doesn't like it, and neither does Firefox 🤷‍♂️ ...

Anyone with experience running things on infrastructure?

I don't see an option in the web UI or the API to gracefully shut down a VM, and at least in the Red Hat Openstack distribution, it doesn't seem as if the qemu-guest-agent API is active. How to I power down a VM from the outside in a controlled fashion?

No, Apple is not logging every time you run an application in macOS 11.

Getting to this point was surprisingly difficult (and required installing the rEFInd boot manager)...

Uh. Privoxy maxes out an original RasPi at about 16mbit throughput (with half of the CPU time going to softirq)?

Maybe I should use a different proxy server (yeah, or different hardware)...

Oh, didn't see there's a placement plan for the tubes inside... Still not gonna touch the thing 😉

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Natoll, Unu hat weiter Problemfälle mit den Akkus, auch nachdem gerade die Rückrufkampagne durch's Land gerollt ist.

Excellent... Friday evening and I send my password into all the logs by entering it into the username field on the VPN gateway 🙄

Huh. A week ago, I basically wasn't able to read anything on my screen with the long-sighted eye and my old computer glasses, and today it's back to pretty ok? I mean, I know that glass is too weak and it's not great, but text isn't completely blurred out.

@drwho @socketwench this is a complete mischaracterization.

The DTK hardware did not support any virtualization, so they couldn't develop against it this summer.

The M1 chips do support virtualization. Docker devs have to get their hands on real hardware to support it, though.

DEpol, "BAMF-Affäre" 

Die Vorwürfe wegen angeblich falsch genehmigter Asylanträge in Bremen lösen sich nicht nur weitgehend in Luft auf, sondern es stellt sich auch raus, dass die Ermittlergruppe entlastende Beweise unterdrückt hat:

Could have done without the surprise unplanned desaster recovery exercise (*cough*) today...

Software update is strange... There's two images on the device, and an http upload can only overwrite the inactive file. It's not possible to change the name of the destination you're overwriting, so my switch now boots S3900-24T4S-MR-V0171.bin from a file named S3900-24T4S-BR-V0170.bin

Sounds like a small nightmare when you have a bunch of these devices. Haven't tried if tftp or serial upload (the other options) behave differently.

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Web UI seems ... functional. Not many surprises, though I didn't expect to see PPPoE support? CLI is the usual IOS-like fare, though the default configuration on the stock firmware wants to use ssh-dss host keys and needs extra work when coming from a current OpenSSH client (should be changed in newer FSOS versions, according to the release notes).

I don't think anyone looking for a L2 switch would miss a basic feature, except if it was a Cisco shop running PVST+

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Intel just released CSME firmware to patch CVE-2020-8705, my FPGA assisted Bootguard bypass when waking the system from S3 sleep. Full writeup:

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