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Please, /please/, don't make /only/ videos, y'all! Make text articles too!

Text is even /easier/ to make it's just /always/ video


Not everyone can do videos. Especially long videos that we're expected to Sit Down And Focus Entirely On which means engaging speech parsing AND we can't easily back up and reread things like we could text and we /can't slow down/ like we could text and we can't skim like we could text and just

there's often /no point/ to it being a video and we /can't/.

Ok, I had to chuckle over this 2017 post of mine that I randomly found while looking for something else:

About a year after writing about getting rid of my last UUCP link, I ended up with a new one for mail and Usenet that feeds into my slightly patched cnews installation (and still is active now). It doesn't use bsmtp for mail transport though, just the standard old rmail... Not that there's much to transfer these days.

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The internet at work: Neozeed writes about MacFlim, which displays preprocessed video snips full-screen on an 68k Mac (
The MacFlim page has descriptions about a couple of demo videos, the last of which reads "Coastermelt [..] I couldn't resist, this pure genius, and one of my favorite youtube video" - so I'm now watching a 2016 video about disassembling and reverse-engineering USB BluRay player firmware in order to make it do something else:

The OS/2 museum blog is looking for a copy of the Microsoft LAN Manager Network Device Driver kit targeted at NDIS 2.0 (DOS and OS/2):

Anyone around here with a copy?

My second street camera, by which I mean camera found on the street nearby or on a trash can, thrown out by someone. And it makes cool photos!

I was aware that Ivanti had previously soaked up a bunch of enterprise solution software companies in the IT asset- and service management realms, but I missed they bought both MobileIron (MDM) and Pulse Secure (SSL VPN, formerly Juniper Pulse) at the end of last year?

That's going to be interesting, as there is at least some overlap in functionality between those two companies. Or is it just another agglomeration that's going to explode as soon as the investors are fed up?

There certainly is some good reason why systemd-resolved chose to synthesize a name for gateways in local routing table (and they threw in an additional myhostname NSS module doing the same for good measure), but I'm not sure I can be convinced this is a sane idea under any scenario I can currently come up with?

(Yes, I'm aware this has existed for a long time, but it hasn't crept into any of my system configurations yet, so it's good to know what to fix in the future.)

Hallo liebe Mastodon-Community!
Das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) freut sich neben dem @bfdi als weitere Bundesbehörde nun auch auf Mastodon vertreten zu sein. Als Cyber-Sicherheitsbehörde des Bundes gestaltet das BSI die Informationssicherheit in der Digitalisierung für unsere Gesellschaft. Wir werden hier regelmäßig Tröts zu verschiedenen technischen Themen veröffentlichen und freuen uns auf den Austausch!

#BSI #DeutschlandDigitalSicherBSI

Wow, Ubiquiti got owned HARD. Hackers got full RW access to their Amazon buckets and pretty much exfiltrated everything including all passwords/credentials used to authenticate to and manage networks that use their cloud based admin. Rather than immediate revoke all credentials, Ubiquiti made users change credentials on next login, which means if you don't often log in to make changes, then someone may have been creeping around your network for months.

Appreciating someone on twitter who apparently tweeted something about how bad dark theme is for people with astigmatism and I can't see their tweet because they're currently private locked (a friend QTd the original tweet) but can see the replies from relieved people who didn't realise before why they have issues with dark theme when everything says it should be the better option, it's so frustrating that the myth about dark theme being better for your eyes is so prevalent


I somehow completely missed that the Shadowserver Foundation had lost their (substantial) sponsoring from Cisco last year, and had to move their gear somewhere else, plus find the money to do the move and keep up the infrastructure:

Uuuughhh, looks like I'm getting wrecked completed by the summertime shift this year... Have a hard time getting started in the mornings this week, and I've actually had to take a nap around 1830 in the evening today and yesterday....

Oh come on, it's 2021. Why would I need a browser extension to upload files to your support site?

(NetApp now has at least three upload tools for attachments to support cases - one for small files, this one for larger files, and the old large file upload tool that's accessible from a small "this doesn't work for me" link below the new upload form.)

We are wondering how many of our users are using the app on Android 5. If you like, you may participate in this poll to find out!

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