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I don't think I ever ran neofetch on the Pandora? Well, not that it's good for anything.

Also seems I would have to start it as root for the packages count to show a correct value ("2" is the number of lines in the error message)...

Do any instance admins know how to undo an account set as a memoriam?

I was curious about it’s exact functionality as it doesn’t appear to be documented anywhere and now the user account I tested it on is locked out.

I’ve tried various options using tootctl commands (activate, unblock etc) but the account still can’t be logged into.

Pro tip: don’t set a Mastodon account as a memoriam if you ever want to gain access to it again 😂

💌 I like email. There is no expectation that it is answered quickly, so I can check it once a day, and only on workdays. It's good both for short answers and long-form discussions, with one person or many. It's federated and at least partially decentralised. There's a client serving all kinds of needs, from phones to the command line.

Q: What do you call when a government starts using facial recognition for mass surveillance?

A: facism.

Someone on IRC just mentioned there's an interactive TUI to work with pcap files (written in go) that resembles Wireshark:

Also understands Wireshark display filters, apparently.

Spent about a week on and off puzzling over a Splunk problem where the results from a subsearch in a join always turned out too low...
Until I realized that the subsearch can sometimes have several results, and the default is to only return the first row from a join, unless it's explicitly being called with the max=0 parameter.

New fav. Quote: "We build our computer systems the way we build our cities: over time, without a plan, on top of ruins." -- Ellen Ullman

Funny when you notice that people left the Fediverse months ago because they happened to be tagged in a post and then you look at the remains of their cached profile...

Ok, I knew that the roundabout WireGuard VPN setup connecting to my home network from the outside works in principle, but I had quite a hard time setting up the second tunnel... Since I forgot about the config detail in OPNsense where you have to explicitly map peers to a local endpoint.

The whole thing is now a mess of policy routing and NAT, but that's mostly thanks to my overly complex network setup at home... In the long run I plan to replace the old Fortigate firewall by an OPNsense setup.

So I guess I should use the /FFT flag ("assume FAT File Times (2-second granularity)") when using robocopy to update the files from my music collection on a FAT32-formatted SD card?

Kinda wondered why it keeps overwriting all the files claiming the source was newer when I do an update...

In today's "Crypto Currencies Need Strong Regulation or They Will End Fucking Up Everything For Everyone" news:

Crypto miners are killing free CI:

With little screen real estate I'm trying single character labels for the bars.

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Ah, it was the ill-fated KB4023057... Screen is back after another reboot, but in return, Bluetooth was broken.

Seems the reinstalling the driver fixed that one too. The Internet is full of people who had various problems with that particular update...

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Excellent. Looks like all I get from my PC after installing last weeks Windows 10 update yesterday is a black screen...

Some more squirrel stashes around the house, and it's also figured out how to get at the bird food, again.

On the topic of OpenPandoras, here's a picture of my first one, while registering a phone to the Eventphone GSM network at 28C3...

I listened to many Dan Kaminsky talks over the years, mostly during Congress. I really didn't like his stage persona. Wrote in 2005: "Went out early, because (again) I couldn't stand his presentation style, which makes every normal sentence sound as if something important was just said." He seemed like the impersonation of the Infosec rockstar on stage.

Judging from the posts I've seen on Twitter, this was not at all his appearance in private, so I'm sorry I misjudged him all these years. RIP


Dan Kaminski passed, news just came out.

That’s a rough one, he did some great work.

On being "lazy" about software freedom:

Everyone lives a full life. Not everyone gets the same opportunity to pick what fills their life, though. People are busy. They have things they like to do or find easy, & things that are unpleasant or difficult.

People whose life is filled differently than yours, who have different priorities than yours, aren't any more lazy than you are lazy for not picking a more compassionate way to talk about the challenges standing in the way of software freedom.

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