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Great. Did that and threw away the redis data while I was at it. Then reimported my local.d files with a few minor changes... And rspamd just starts?

I hate it.

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Guess I'll just trash my rspamd config and start from scratch?

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#80000(main) <>; lua; lua_cfg_transform.lua:422: invalid actions thresholds order: action add_header (10) must have lower score than action rewrite_subject (10)

Hrm, this one, maybe? I don't remember this being a problem...

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Agh. Why does rspamd have some problem after each OpenBSD upgrade? Currently it just terminates silently, and I can't see anything that's wrong in the log.

Windows CE 2.11 HPC devices like the Z50 would have been so much more useful if they had used some form of persistent storage by default, instead of battery-backed RAM...

Chromium browsers seem to have an annyoing feature that constantly retries on failed connections, discarding changes to the URL bar when a reload is triggered.

Is there some way to disable this behaviour? I didn't find anything in settings or flags (nor something of use on the web).

Currently, just closing a tab with a navigation error seems to be the best option (though often enough, I'd want to change the URL to an link, or maybe just repair a typo).

Being a hacker is all about exploring boundaries and challenging norms. I do draw the line at hacks and such that cause harm to everyday people, and I sure as hell have no patience when it comes to hurting innocents like children.

This "porn trader" fits that "out of bounds" definition. I don't care if he's just trading itl he's *enabling* it. Telling them to just get rid of the evidence makes you an accessory, so WTF?!

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Schematics and source code for interfacing an esp32 running esphome with the Digital Smart Meter P1 port:

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@djsundog @technomancy that we as an org literally exist to build and sustain the infrastructure of wikipedia and are ourselves being eaten by SaaS (slack, gdocs) designed to lobster trap all information and hold it hostage to corporate hegemony for all time is an impressively deep irony.


Doing Free Tech Support got a lot easier once I realized I don't actually have to convince people that the thing I'm suggesting is a good solution.

I can just say, "Well, that's my advice. Good luck," and walk away.

Somehow this ended up as an unreasonable amount of typing over a keyboard that probably no one should buy.

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Funny enough, with some time on the 326, the other keyboard feels quite cheap in comparison - even though they both are, really. Typing actually ends more comfortable for me on the smaller keyboard, despite the cramped spacing (and everything I wrote before).
Insert key is less of a hassle than I feared, Shift+Fn comes pretty naturally on the left hand.

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I have made further improvements to my floppy drive controller. Rewrote the whole thing and it's starting to get fairly robust. Tomorrow's task will be hooking it back up to fatfs and dealing with the multi-core stuff...

For those missing context this is running on an ESP32 and it's entirely software, the only hardware in between the drive and the mcu is level shifting.

Reading a full disk, complete with some bad sectors at the end, which it will retry a few times


i just wrote a new feature into the netbsd kernel on my local machine.

it is <300 lines of c code.

it implements instruction emulation on netbsd/i386, based on similar functionality in netbsd/sparc and netbsd/mips. specifically it implements (lock) cmpxchg8b, so that i486 systems (and cyrix 5x86/6x86) can run i586 code with atomics, without needing libatomic (which appears to not work half the time anyway), in a way that i believe is as threadsafe as possible on a single cpu system

it is currently running a conduit matrix homeserver compiled for i586 and i plan to put it through its paces

@galaxis it's not as well documented, but i've been using udev to handle my weird keyboards and it's a much better solution. also, your kb will work correctly in console, wayland, etc.

Keyboard configuration on Linux/Xorg remains a mystery...

Switched to a non-Apple keyboard on the Mac Mini that's running LMDE, but regardless of the configuration tools I tried to use (csd-keyboard or even dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration), the keyboard model in X stayed at applealu_iso.

I ended up using "setxkbmap de -model pc105" , though I have no idea yet if that sticks after a reboot.

@Lioh Huh, a new ActivityPub server software? Wasn't aware of Smithereen up to now...

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