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Somehow rspamd keeps miscategorizing mails from mailing lists as spam ever since the last upgrade. Had almost no false positives before.
So I'll have to read up on rspamd configuration details again...

Revisiting a Fediverse thread I'd seen a couple of days ago, and missing the good old days of branching threads and messages marked as read... *sigh*

We went to visit Fondation Beyeler another time yesterday - it seems the Life installation will be closed down after the next weekend? Still free after 21:00 in the evening. Was way more crowded, which made it harder to take photos. Some areas were overgrown with water plants this time around.

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Fediverse Meta 

It feels as though development of certain projects are slowing down, and some people (devs and non-devs) are kind of getting burnt out and even leaving the fediverse.

While this is something of a natural progression in online communities, and I've even struggled with it a bit myself, I have to wonder: how do we avoid this and keep the network (and the projects that constitute it) growing?

Attending an in-person conference in a vastly different timezone: Jetlag

Attending an online streaming conference in a vastly different timezone: Netlag

Heh. The Synology stayed up too. Wonder what the hell that was.

On the up side, my DSL line is now back to syncing at 50/10 instead of 25/10, like in the few days before... 😕

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Funny. Apparently there was a short power outage this morning, and my DSL router plus both of the "server" PCs in the corridor rebooted.

The RasPi and the switch connected to the same extension socket didn't (I can see the accessports going down and back up in the switch log).

Got this cheap plastic keyboard for free with a refurbished PC I bought a few years ago… It‘s kind of German layout, but with two super annoying changes (the # key is out of place next to a smaller backspace instead of where it belongs between Ä and return - and all the keys are one row down in the navigation block in favour of those additional power/sleep buttons above).

Totally defeats my muscle memory…

"It means every instance of Kaspersky Password Manager in the world will generate the exact same password at a given second. This would be obvious to spot if every click on the “Generate” button, in the password generator interface, produced the same password. However, for some reason, password generation is animated: dozens of random chars are displayed while the real password has already been computed. This animation takes more than 1 second, so it is not possible to click several times on the “Generate” button within a second. That is definitely why the weakness had not been discovered before."


re: Ransomware 

@seb @rysiek

I have a story here.

My teams do a lot of work on detection of botnet activity, and when this first hit, we were very confused because we would normally expect to catch some metadata that would have given some evidence to work with.

We had nothing.

We were second guessing our system, then we realized that unlike most Revil strikes, the botnet was Kaseya itself.

I have long pointed to systems like this basically being the same as a rootkit.

I think that the issue here is that so many orgs farmed that out. You can do compliance reviews all day long, but they won’t catch this.

I would advise a few things.

Endpoint protection is the final ring of defense, intended to stop this sort of thing. Do not simply create directory exemptions to support CM systems like Kaseya.

Strong acls on backup providers… nothing runs under built-in accounts for this.

I see a lot of people talking about windows defender bypasses with this, but it you had a stronger EDR in play, that could’ve stymied the encryption effort.

Ultimately, if we have MSSPs that are this big, we will end up with abuse of them as a botnet. A lot of smaller companies are overall better off with the MSSP mode for CM… so we need to make sure that these providers are held to a higher standard. Regular SAST/DAST, quarterly/monthly pentests. Better SOC/threat hunting within The MSSP.

Isolated client environments.

These are fundamentals, but they are seriously key things that obviously were not up to snuff.

...and again I find out that trying to use physical (bluetooth) keyboard with an Android device is complete crap. Ok, it's an old keyboard with old Android (8.1), but still...

Free speech!

Jason Miller's new right-wing social media site "Gettr" was hacked this morning.

Okay I found it... is getting BLASTED with request from these nasty GTA5 servers with the address: "https://nui-game-internal/"

Would blocking that "domain" work..?



Found a service manual online that seems to match what I'm seeing. There are a few interesting things going on on that PSU board.

The power LED is driven directly by the unregulated AC. A little crude, maybe? But, hey, sure.

+12V and -5V regulation is your typical 7800 (U1) / 7900 (U2) series jobs, except it's a little unusual to see such heavy filtering on the input side (there are 3 pi-filters in low-pass configuration).

But the main +5V section gets complicated. No less than 2 ICs are at work here - U3, a 14 pin specialised precision voltage regulator (UA723CN) and U4 a differential comparator (TL331CP). Looking at the UA723 datasheet there's a lot of different regulation topologies it can be applied in. The details of this section are a little over my head, but it seems to actually be a switching ("buck") application, with the TL331 controlling the output voltage based on a zener reference. Pretty involved for the time and market!

#TI99 #retrocomputing







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So you know how the 1541 has a 6502 in it? (it's basically a computer in a disk drive, but it has no display...)

So um

Here's a demo, and a writeup about the demo, on how to make a demo for a 1541 disk drive.

and have it display stuff.



Mind you the start of the demo showed cutting cables and I was very "NOOOooOOOO don't damage the equipment" so I hope people make custom cables instead of damaging cables but that's me

#demoscene #6502

has anyone on here tried the NextCloud Music app and can say if it's less or more garbo compared to Airsonic or other media servers?
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