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...ok, so I used gThumb.

Also, in a similar vein: Youtube-Ad for an adblocker subscription (don't pay for that shit).

I'm totally spoiled by using adblockers everywhere, but opened YT in a bare Chromium window to see how much memory it eats.

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Haha. When you're on some site looking for pointers to a basic Linux picture editor (I just need something that works on a small screen and lets me do resize and cropping), and the first thing that shows up is a full-screen ad overlay for Creative Cloud 🙄

: The Force Dimension - so.dom

Haha, someone on YT found the same sampler CD where this is on (Zwischenfall compilation, 1994) that I rediscovered recently in my collection.

Moth on a bathroom mirror that reflects the pocket camera being used to take the photo (cropped).

We have an old floor lamp with a capacitive touch dimmer that works fine with classic light bulbs, but I haven't yet been able to find a replacement that uses less power. Halogen sometimes works, but most bulbs flicker at some of the settings, and they also die quickly. Same with filament LEDs, regardless of make.

Have been thinking of disassembling the lamp and try to disconnect the dimmer circuit - out of ideas otherwise.

how do people maintain patchsets (themes, etc) on top of masto nowadays?

Ok, why has Blokada suddenly started to block all the Twitter domains? (I wouldn't usually notice, but tried to check up on something just now...)

Dear Silicon Valley,

You don’t “have a trust problem.”

You’re just not trustworthy.


A few moments ago, I misread the headline of a marketing e-mail as "Instant Ransomware Delivery" (it's from Zerto, a company that builds disaster recovery software for virtualized environments, and actually said "Instant Ransomware Recovery" )...

Made me imagine the fun we would have with a supply-chain attack on someone like Veeam or Zerto.


Aaaaaahhh! Apparently the paper bags for my old vacuum cleaner are out of production (used to be Swirl S54 or compatible). I noticed I only have one left and went looking for supplies.

Now to find out if anyone still makes something compatible, or if there's some other type that can be adapted to fit the fabric bag inside.

Well, ok, maybe it's time to get a new vaccum, I noticed the plastic is quite brittle in places and cracks easily.

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@mkljczk @alex yeah, you missed the part where I said brilliant designer!

Real talk, I do think your code contributions are legitimately impressive. You've built some really cool shit, and Soapbox is actually really smooth and has some good ideas. Your idea for funding instances was great.

I just think transphobia sucks, and I'm 100% okay with shitting on people for those views. You could be an astronaut or an Olympic medalist, and I would still act that way.

Also, actually : Black Mountain - tyrants

...which reminded me of the above post, and no, the name of the band on that tape that I forgot the name of didn't come up yet (might have been '70s too)...

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: Lightning Dust - devoted to (KEXP)

Some time ago, KEXP uploaded a session with Black Mountain that made me wonder what had happened to Amber Webber (who did not sing on that), and they answered by now having Lightning Dust.

...and I'm /still/ trying to remember who her voice reminds me of - my aunt used to have a reel tape copy of some 60s psychedelic rock record with a singer that used a quite similar vibrato in her voice... I just have no idea.

@Theeo123 @rysiek @erosdiscordia

Sodinokibi hit Kaseya ina similar attack in 2019. Sodinokibi became Revil last year.

I’m betting we find out they maintained persistence over the 2 year period and planned this attack.

Thanks to the generous help of the previous owner of the mastodon username on GitHub, our GitHub organization has finally been renamed to mastodon! 🎉

I know that changing the repository URL is a bother but I think it’s worth it and better done sooner than later. Tootsuite was not serious and had no connection to our actual name.

what my girlfriend thought dating a software engineer would be like: "honey, I got an AI robot maid to do all our cooking for us"

what dating a software engineer is actually like: "if that microwave connects to the internet we're heating all our food with a blowtorch from now on"

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