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Didn't Facebook have another outage where they killed their routers a couple of years ago?

The account that reported about the ongoing FB outage on Reddit just got deleted

The postmortem on this will surely be an interesting read.

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Trying to come up with fun scenarios where making your DNS servers unreachable has less impact than having them answer queries...

Seems like FB's authoritative nameservers are down, and long enough for DNS caches to start expiring:

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(...funny how Mastodon doesn't make the second one a link.)

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I wasn't aware that both Google and Cloudflare public DNS resolver services have a frontend to request a purge on cached records (via

Wir haben heute versucht, der EU-Grenzpolizei @Frontex in Brüssel 10.520,76 Euro bar zu übergeben. Aber #Frontex hat die Tür nicht aufgemacht. Offenbar wurde das gesamte Gebäude nach unserer Ankündigung der Geldübergabe geräumt, Polizei war vor Ort. #WePayFrontexAVisit

So, bought a new PSU on Saturday so I can keep the one I used temporarily as a spare, and everything is back in place.

Seems the power supply is now slightly more efficient - my UPS doesn't have a power usage sensor, but it reports estimated run time remaining when mains power is lost, and it's now ~300 seconds more than before, with no changes in hardware otherwise.

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: Fern Knight - long dark century

Sooner or later I'll have linked to all the songs from this record... It also has a wonderful version of King Crimson's "epitaph".

...ah yeah, except it seems while you can switch Raspbian to an aarch64 kernel, the raspberrypii-kernel-headers packages doesn't have any corresponding headers....
Switch back to the standard kernel I guess?

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I really should know better than buying any hardware on a whim thinking "it's certainly going to be supported by Linux"...

Yeah no - this USB Wifi thing apparently has an rtl8812au chipset, and no mainlined driver. Guess I'll try to build the dkms module from the aricrack-ng repository before returning it to the shop.

🇬🇧78 conservative MEPs want to scrap the call for a ban on #biometricMassSurveillance in the EU!

Could someone please run their photos against public mugshots so we can explain to them the unreliability of #facialrecognition?

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had same

# solved

Just in case somebody has to fidle with this too. Here everything is working again. Looks like theX3 cert was still in place, so even the X1 is there it runs wrong, for whatever reason.


install ca-certificates package if not already installed
delete /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/DST\_Root\_CA_X3.crt
check /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/ISRG\_Root\_X1.crt is in the folder
run update-ca-certificates

Running keepass2 -debug shows an extended error message which still isn't very helpful... Accessing the same file with Keepass2 on a Windows system works just fine, so it's not some other error on the web server or something.

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Hrm, removing the X3 certificate from the trust store ( certmgr -del -c -m Trust 5BCAA1C2780F0BCB5A90770451D96F38963F012D) hasn't solved the problem.

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Apparently KeePass2 on Linux has a problem with the L'E certificate expiry too, when it tries to load a database via WebDAV... Now to find out which root certificate store a Mono application uses...


@kensanata on the one hand, you're basically right.

on the other hand, the last time i felt like this, this strongly, was back when the industry decided that "cloud" meant something, and by the time i stopped being like "you fuckers are scamming us too hard to pay attention to right now", everything in the world ran on somebody else's computer and all computer jobs had become defined by their relationship to rent-seeking, so i'm starting to get nervous.

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