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I guess it was extra intelligent of me to fully reassemble the G4 Mac and then order a replacement PSU fan (so I can now go and disassemble everything another time).

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On HackerNews someone gave a plausible explanation for the timestamps: They are regenerated when you download the PDF with the result.

This explains the inconsistencies in the timestamps - but not in the confirmation codes - because they remain the same.

And the inconsistencies also exists there. The confirmation codes are ascending, so the result from the 16th should have a lower number than the one from 22nd. However, it's the other way around

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@x_cli There is absolutely nothing wrong with self-hosting, and it should certainly be possible and extremely easy/cheap. It merely won’t change the fact that most people will never do it no matter how easy you make it for them. Because letting someone else do it will always be easier, and more reliable, and more secure (if they even care about that).

Thought I'd "quickly" try Adelie Linux, but it seems r128 is broken in Linux (the Mac has an Rage 128 AGP), and I can't get X to start on fbdev either. Running the installer over ssh -Y from a different system fails too, something with qt5, OpenGL, and xcb.
Guess I'll wait for the replacement PSU fan to arrive before trying anything else, the noise is quite annoying.

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Oooooh, right... I somehow missed the notice that MorphOS requires a license (and slows down after 30 minutes up uptime without).

Guess it's gonna be OpenBSD then?

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…ok, back to where I was a couple of days ago (and it didn’t kill my utility power yet).

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...watching my Fediverse feed scroll by instead of reassembling the PowerMac (ok, this requires some disassembly first, because I forgot to put all the power cables to where they belong, behind the fan assembly).

Also the DVD drive mechanics seem to be broken (sled transport slips and it won't properly lock). Don't think I'm going to replace it - if I need a drive, I still have the external USB/FireWire DVD. Though that needs some work too, there's a seal on the drawer that's sticky by now...

Forcing a full vacuum shaved about 2GB off my Mastodon database.

My parents used to own this ELO record on vinyl. The artwork was so much cooler in LP format.

(Not particularly fond of the music but still went to buy the CD at some point apparently.)

Ach guck mal an.
stromio und gehören demselben Geschäftsführer und haben dieselbe Geschäftsadresse.

Hrm ok, all this seems messed up, and my instance doesn't know about any posts from the old retrocomputing group (for example).
Ok, according to the admin interface, it knows about 92 posts, but it won't show them to me in the Mastodon UI, so I can just as well wipe that domain from the DB.

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(...even though I participated in a thread where this was a topic back in November.)

Now do I run a tootctl domains purge Also removes the posts, but then it's very hard to make use of old content in Mastodon anyway...

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context for defaced npm libraries 

dont wanna yuck anyone's yum but the dev who ruined their popular js libraries in the name of "corporation bad" was tweeting gamergate drivel and theories about aaron swartz uncovering a MIT child porn ring, just five days ago

yeah thats what the mysterious readme message is about

Was wondering where the hell this piece used to be before disassembling the G4 PowerMac, but I found it in one of the iFixit photos (attached to the power supply)…

Wo gerade jemand die Papyrus Textverarbeitung erwähnt hat… Weiss nicht mehr, warum ich nur eine gedruckte Anleitung für die OS/2 Version habe (und keine für Atari ST), aber da war noch eine Eintrittskarte als Lesezeichen drin…

It recently came to my attention that one of our users, @ktsukik, has been harassing other users (including at least one of our own).

This problem first came to my attention about 20 minutes ago.

After a very brief conversation with the offender in which they confirmed their alignment with the forces of bullyment, I have suspended them.

I apologize to anyone who was negatively impacted by this user. (I do see one report of them from a couple of hours earlier this morning. Had I known how severe the problem was, I would have acted immediately.)

#TootCat is a frickin' safe space and will remain that way.

Thank you.

Hi Merveilles folks: if you've received an email claiming that someone on our instance is a registered sex offender, please disregard this email. The mods and I have looked into it and can definitively confirm the Merveilles member is not the sex offender mentioned in the email.

If any issues do come up or if you have any concerns, please either email us at or use Mastodon's report feature and the mods will take a look. Thank you.

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