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...on the up side that made me find a notification for an unpaid bill that had been sorted away by a filter 🙄

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So instead of hunting for bills and documents for the tax declaration in barely sorted piles of paper, I'm now hunting for bills and documents in barely sorted piles of email (plus a plethora of service-specific web sites).

...I'm so waiting for toot edits to be available instead of redrafts. I need to go back and fix errors way too often.

Oh! While the OCCWeb app for is still unsupported, its manifest has been updated to now be available for Nextcloud 19 to 23

OCCWeb makes it possible to run occ commands in a web shell inside Nextcloud. This is super useful for people like me who use a web host that doesn't provide shell access for the web service user (yeah, been meaning to migrate that for ages, but *effort* :flan_shrug: ).

Russians plunder $5M farm vehicles from Ukraine -- to find they've been remotely disabled

Ehhh, everything about this (the theft itself obviously, but also the equipment being "remotely disabled") is problematic on so many levels...

...I wouldn't say this weekend has been wasted, since I've been really exhausted recently, and I appreciate the (initially forced, by yesterday's headache attack) change in pace - but it doesn't reduce my future workload, and whatever I had planned to do still largely needs to be done.

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Another web browser instance dressed with the standard set of extensions...

It's also now a drag on my old Core Duo MacMini running Linux, so I think it's safe to blame Mastodon.

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Sunday morning is a great time to post an #introduction

Hi! I’m a #infosec professional, who has been into #foss and #linux for 25y. To give back to the community I run and .
I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife and two kids. I came here 11y ago from #berlin , which is my hometown. My alma mater is #tuberlin , where I studied computer science. I was born in East Berlin, behind the iron curtain.

Be kind and hack the planet!

In SubwayTooter for Android, each account has a "Nickname and color" - option, which configures the static header of each tab. Not quite as strong a hint, but still works. I haven't found a way to easily show which of the open tabs belongs to which account - currently I use just the tab sort order so the accounts don't get mixed too much. Though long-tapping on any of the interaction buttons on a post will allow to select which account to use for that activity, which is extremely convenient too.

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One of the small features that make one of my favourite Mastodon clients: Theme settings are instance-specific, so when you connect the Pinafore in your web browser to several instances, and you assign different themes to each, it's instantly recognizable which one you're using right now, without looking at other details.

Seen on Twitter:

Don't be data driven. Be mission driven. Be hypothesis driven. Don't be data driven.

Day status: Woke up (for a second time) at 12:30, made some coffee, picked up A Desolation Called Peace with about a 1/4th left to read, now finished. (Interspersed by some food, switching on computers, a phone call, and fending off an annyoing wasp that kept finding a way back in to the room.)

Not exactly what my plan was for today :flan_shrug:

Maybe good to do a little #Introduction also :blobcatgiggle:​ Never done that before :catblush:

Well uh.. meow! I am stux, I’m from the #Netherlands where I live with my girlfriend and our two little cats called #George & Washington or #Washy for short! We’ve adopted them from the streets and they’re named by people here on the #Fediverse :blobcatgiggle:

Like my gf, I just became 29 years old and I have a huge love for #tech, #space, #science and more nerd related stuff 😇 Over two years ago I started as a replacement for my former mainstream social media since it became hell. Since than I have expanded with other services like Misskey, Pixelfed, PeerTube, Matrix and so much more!

Since about a year now I quit my (terrible) job at a telecom company where I worked in customer support, I couldn’t stand the yelling anymore.. so I started my own business! It’s called♥️ @Stuxhost

My goal in life is to change the world, like many others I guess🫣

: John Frusciante - a doubt

...reminds me I need to urgently check if I already own everything that Frusciante ever released under his own name

...guess I'm not going to migrate that firewall today after all. And tomorrow is "finally collecting my tax declaration documents" day.

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@guppegroups back up. Now with 2 cpus and multiple message delivery threads running in parallel. There are 100,000 messages in delivery queue 😳

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I hope that at some point, Vivaldi will make the "Sites that can always use cookies" preference available in their own settings management, as I end up not finding that one each time I need it - I run my browsers with "accept session cookies only" and need to make an allowlist of those that I want to keep across restarts.

(It's in the chromium settings under vivaldi://settings/cookies)

Sorry, I redrafted this post, as it originally made the impression the "Purge" button would be the one that can be used to reset the status, whereas that one deletes all instance data and "restart delivery" next to the red bar is the one to use.

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I'm not sure when this showed up in the Mastodon admin interface, but it took someone else's bug report to make me find the "Availability: Unavailable" filter on the Moderation -> Federation page, which shows all instances that have been marked as unreachable and will not be retried unless they actively make a new contact (what's in the Postgres unavailable_domains table).

When clicking on an instance, there's also an option to restart delivery next to its status down on the page.

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