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Nice! In contrast to my phone, the ESP-01 has (admittedly marginal) Wi-Fi connectivity inside the distribution box. Should be good enough to send some telemetry.

Seems like now I'll need to read up on Tasmota, MQTT, Home Assistant, and how to connect everything to record some data... As soon as I get the power source sorted - my power bank switches off when the sensor box has no activity. Maybe adding a hub would make for enough load on the USB outlet? Also have a small 2200mAh battery to try.

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Hrm. Maybe I should check where the temperature limit for the fanless switch in my corridor is...

System Temperature:
unit 1 Temperature 1: 62 degrees

Unser Team im #Breisgau hat über zwei Dutzend #MacBook Pros erhalten (aus den Jahren 2011 bis 2018), aber keine passenden Netzteile hierfür. Daher suchen wir welche mit #MagSafe-Steckern der 1. und 2. Version. Falls ihr uns aushelfen könnt, meldet euch bitte:

@loveisgrief @cobra @nougcat It’s important to distinguish from 3rd party forges running #Gitlab software. is certainly worse than #Github in terms of privacy, ethics, and s/w freedom:

Ok, I now have permission to talk about this project in full and in public. I'm working with Alan Kay to build six replicas* of a Xerox PARC Alto display for use in a museum exhibit**. Visitors will see a real Alto and then walk over to one of the replicas to futz with Smalltalk '78***.
Here's a nice writeup of a different project that rejuvenated an actual Alto.

Damn. Now I got bitten by the smart home bug, and am pondering buying some gadget that can read SML data from the IR LED on the power meter down in the basement.

(Though I tested wifi by dropping my phone into the power distribution box down there, and the connection was extremely marginal. No idea if the small antenna on something like an ESP-01 would be able to make a connection. Unfortunately there's also no good way to route a cable out of the enclosure.)

Hrm. Home Assistant 2022.6.6 docker container starts up without problems, so it seems this is a regression in 2022.7.x? Don't have the impression anyone is willing to look at the issue I opened on their bug tracker though.

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wait wait wait what the actual

you can play ACTUAL ARCADE GAMES on a vectrex?

I mean ACTUAL BATTLEZONE? ACTUAL STAR WARS? (ok a bit slow, but... still.) ACTUAL TEMPEST?
(can't find anyone playing tempest yet, likely because everyone who is playing tempest on vectrex is very busy playing tempest on vectrex and therefore cannot make videos of such)

and obviously, this makes running demos a bit easier on the hardware, etc... well crap I didn't need to order any new hardware (and I need to get my vectrex fixed, it doesnt' like turning on, which I believe is a capacitor issue or something that is fixable, but not by me)

Well, ok. Extracting the full set of Home Assistant Docker images also takes around 90 minutes on that hardware, so given the problems it probably isn't worth it compared to the local venv setup. (Was trying a downgrade to the previous release in order to see if that one starts up.)

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Oh, you can skip installing the docs and maybe some other cruft when running rustup, with --profile minimal? Doesn't make compilation any faster, but certainly saves some time on the initial install (and disk space).

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(I mean, technically I have it running, as Home Assistant core in a Python venv - just took installing a rust toolchain with rustup because the Debian version of rustc is too old for some of the modules, and maybe 6 hours of building rust cruft. So I'd rather prefer the Docker setup with prebuilt binaries, just those crash and burn on the old hardware - gdb shows an SIGILL somewhere in the python3 that's shipped in the container.)

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Guess my time would be much better invested by migrating PiHole and the web proxy off the Pi4 and then use that for Home Assistant instead of trying to make it work on the old Pi.

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Ok, pretty certain the list is wrong. There sure are a lot of unreachable instances in there (like all the random samples I tried), but at the same time I see and, both which certainly are online.

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According to Craiyon, some robots seem pretty stumped when asked to solve captchas.

Huh. I need to find the old posts from when I did this previously, about two years ago:

My Mastodon currently knows about 8604 other instances.

I made a list of all domains that were logged as unreachable over two tootctl accounts cull runs - one back in April, and another one today.

There's 3260 domains in the resulting file. So almost 40% of the instances my system has learned about are gone?

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Kinda wondering how an instance with the host name made it into my database.

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WTF. Somebody bought an empty Atari TT case (admittedly in good condition) for €390 on ebay...

Glad I forgot about that auction.

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