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Rekka is on the helm, I'm hacking together a little system inspector to monitor the size of each component of the system.

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Someone surely must have made a cleaned up sample of an Antonov flight computer saying "minimum minimum" in the final landing approach phase somewhere? All the videos have someone talking into it or some buzzer - never mind the engine noise...

(No idea why I think it's interesting.)

I have an important announcement regarding

I will be shutting down this instance by the end of this year. The following thread will share some context.

Finally made it through the "optical pushbutton" menu and enabled the enhanced info dump, so I now get a load measurement and fractional total usage increments in the info screen.

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Sounds like we have a loud family of hedgehogs in the backyard now?

Scheinbar schwappt gerade eine "Positive-Bestärkungs"-Bot-Armee auf ... habt ihr schon weitere gesehen, die wir melden und blocken können?

Completely unrelated, but strangely coincidential to the previous post, Lauren Beukes recently republished an old text (2013) about the origins of her book The Shining Girls on her blog: "If the violence in the book is shocking, it’s because it is supposed to be. Because real violence is. All those pretty corpses and raging gun battles and torture porn on-screen have made us virtually immune to violence and the ripples it sends out."



The web comics category in my RSS reader is full of dead sources, and I don't usually even look at it.

Today I noticed it shows over 50 unread entries, and guess what? Chopping Block is back after a short 7 year hiatus... Certainly didn't expect that one to reappear.

Warning: Not safe for anyone. The tagline is "...because serial killers are people too".

Huh. I just noticed that /proc/diskstats inside an Proxmox LXC container shows all the host devices and their statistics.
Other than the physical devices, the container has no obvious way to map them to anything (never mind finding out which one is its down virtual disk), but it still seems kind of suboptimal.

(Ok, I looked up the dm-to-LXC-disk-device mapping on the host and excluded everything but its own virtual disk in the Munin diskstats module, but I have no idea if the mapping is stable)

...also my issue on the Home Assistant stable docker container crashing on an RPi 1B still has not reaction from the developers. Oh well, at least someone else with the same problem showed up by now.

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Ok, a (supposedly) 10000mAh bank ran down in two days, so something seems very wrong. Tweaked some Tastmota settings, but I doubt there's going to be much of an impact on power usage.

I had hoped to get at least a few weeks of uptime...

Currently I have no idea how to get an USB cable into the fuse box (never mind the nearest power socket on our circuit is in a cellar a good 5m away).

On the other end, Home Assistant is now reinstalled on an RPi 3B+, which looks way more useful.

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...on the topic of sensors, I bought a LogiLink SC0116 wifi thermometer, but it seems the only way to add it to your network is by using a smartphone app that requires prior registration.

Yeah, no, thanks. I'll need to bring it back to the shop tomorrow.

YouTube/Patreon frustrations 

Like, my most recent Linux Mint video took me about 25 hours to film and edit. YouTube is sending me probably $40-60 for the trouble.

I have to put food on the table, and I want to make stuff. That means I'll need help financially. I've rejected sponsors on Veronica Explains so far, but that won't last if folks get upset when I remind them I have a Patreon.

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The ESP-01 used up a small 2200mAh power bank in less than 3 days, so running it off a battery seems problematic. But then I'm not sure it was fully charged, and also the data collector script ran every 10s, and I heavily used the web interface, both of which uses quite some power (wifi transmission seems expensive on that system).
Was thinking about monitoring input voltage for an early warning, but that module isn't built in with the precompiled Tasmota that came with the sensor hardware.

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Still no reply from the energy provider about unlocking detailed statistics.
I freed up an RasPi 3B+ at home that I used as jumphost / proxy / pihole by moving everything to an LXC container on the Proxmox host, so I can now upgrade the Home Assistant RasPi (and probably get out of the crash problem with their current Docker releases on an RasPi 1B). The old RasPi will be fine for the jumphost role, as soon as I have moved everything over, and the other stuff is better off in a small container.

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First success: The default Tasmota script for the Landis & Gyr E220 gives me at least some of the data that's pulsed out as SMT stream by the IR LED:

Show thread least this is a small project where I know mostly none of the components and it's less hard to just wrap things into docker compose (other than that the lastest Home Assistant release container still doesn't run on an original RasPi - the python inside dies with a SIGILL).

Hrm, why did a start a new thread on this stuff instead of continuing with the other one?

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