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Does anybody know nice spreadsheet software that works on mobile? I'm aware that these are tough constrains, I'm trying to figure out a good way to keep and edit tables w/ around 3 cols together (non-technically inclined people included)

OK, Fediverse.
Wer von euch hat einen Adapter von DB-15 auf HD15M "normaler VGA D-Sub" und würde mir diesen verkaufen? Ich frage für einen antiken Macintosh LC II.


I bought an entire Silent 707 terminal set to get this. No, I don't know what I'll do with it, stop asking.

Anyway if you want to toast the possible end of this era, please do join me in beautiful Herefordshire next month, I promise it will be a blast.

There are still a few tickets on sale (shameless plug).


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Today: DPD claims it can't find my address and bounces a parcel without checking back.

I'm pretty certain the address exists, the number is attached to the house, and there's even a plan of the house numbers on the compound right near the entrance.

While communicating with the sender's support, I notice that Google Maps doesn't know the house number and tags the back side of the neighboring building instead 🙄

Wouldn't be surprised if that's the problem, but also :flan_molotov: :flan_molotov:

What the fuck, a single bitcoin transaction uses like a 2 megawatt-hours? You could run an entire high speed train for like 100km with that amount of energy.

Original Apple II version of the Prince of Persia title screen from 1989.
DOS version from 1990.
High resolution Mac version from 1992.

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in this case, openssl initially rejects the notion that the openssl code could have a strict aliasing violation, and instead blames clang.

meanwhile, libressl and boringssl correctly fix the bug, e.g.

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On loop tonight: Altin Gün - Ordunun Dereleri

Not that I know any of the music they're doing covers of, but this one sounds very nicely modernized.

@cwebber still closed userspace and the target is datacenter use for non-graphics

"There is code in there to support display, but it is not complete or fully tested yet."

Had a good laugh when looking at Azure AD audit data for the first time today: All login records are associated with geolocation data (what I've seen wasn't diverse enough to tell if it's just IP address based or maybe device location info).

So yeah. And there's login records for users that do not belong to the tenant. They have all the same data, username, email address, location - just their device name, of all things, is masked out with "{PII removed}".

That's an interesting take on PII 🙄

It's in Energized Social?

I mean... Ok, that's probably technically not wrong, but also kinda misses the point? I mean, the problem are those "social networks" that aim at being embedded everywhere in order to be able to track users across the web and fill their ad profiles? On the other hand I never checked what that list aims to block...

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WTF? Apparently one of the blocklists active in my Blokada configuration suddenly blocks

I just noticed "foreach" on npm is controlled by a single maintainer.

I also noticed they let their personal email domain expire, so I bought it before someone else did.

I now control "foreach" on NPM, and the 36826 projects that depend on it.

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Is there a way to use wildcards or search for substrings in Mastodon on an instance that has Elasticsearch enabled?

I notice it would not find my posts containing "Macmini3,1" when searching for "macmini", and the usual suspects like * or % don't have any effect...


I work in a library, and this reflects my experience. We're still used for checking out materials, but as more patrons shift to using digital books or skip librarian interaction and just pick up holds, mid-list authors are now suffering in our collection as the algorithms decide for patrons more. So many good books are missed now.

My favorite Mastodon 3.5.0+ feature is that if you have full text search on your server, you can search for

"from:username@anyserver.whatever foobar"

And it will filter search results for just posts made by username@anyserver.whatever. This is a further refinement to the existing search, so the limitation of "posts that either were made by you or you have favorited, bookmarked, or are replies to you" still applies. It's SO MUCH EASIER to search through my old posts now.

...aaand another two crashes in nouveau today.

Updated to the latest bullseye-backports kernel (5.16.12-1~bpo11+1) to see if it makes any difference.

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