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Sometimes having a ground floor room on the east side of a 19th century building that doesn't get any sun past 10 in the morning is an advantage...

I have no cooling whatsoever, and room temperature is 10C below the outside.

(In return, it's real expensive to get warm in the winter.)

...and all of them have different procedures and tools to reestablish the vCenter trust relationship (or even repair internal damage resulting from the CA change). I really hope nothing like this ever turns up in production.

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...spent a good two days on repairing our test vCenter, where an outdated plugin apparently blocked automatic renewal of some of the certificates usually generated by the vCenter CA. None of the repair tools (and there are surprisingly quite a few in the VMware KB) worked until I identified and removed the rogue plugin. And afterwards I had a vCenter with the CA including root certs re-rolled, which in turn upset all the connected systems (NSX-T, Cloud Director, Usage Meter, and such...).

Ok, no bat to be seen in the room, so I assume it found the windows. There's always some of them out in the backyard on summer evenings, but it's been maybe the second time in 20 years that we've had one get in.

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Uh great (not). There's a bat flying circles in the living room. Hope it finds the windows that I opened just now.
No idea how it got in there.

Surprise: PostmarketOS 22.06 Phosh 20220803-0536 is installable and boots on the PineTab. And it's usable enough to change some convenience settings.

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In #Threema Libre gibt es keine einzige Zeile Code, die eine proprietäre Softwarebibliothek von Google oder anderen Drittanbietern voraussetzt. Und: Threema Libre gibt es nun in F-Droid. Vorbildlich!

i used to think i could help people with computers, but i haven't felt that way in years. it's absolutely and perfectly hopeless because the entire system of consumer technology is just a ball of overdetermined suck.

what am i going to tell them? spend literally your entire life just learning about computer shit? i did that and i'm having a bad time too, just a different bad time.

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In one of the reviews, a mum lamented that she should've spent the extra tenner and gone with V-Tech. Heck, V-Tech makes a smartwatch?! Their stuff has always been good in our experience. So I got her the extravagant $40 V-Tech DX3 smartwatch (it's more like $55 if you want it in pink or blue, we got her the purple one).

You always expect kids' tech to be a bit crap, right?

This thing RULES.

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Ah the hell. The new version of OM Image Share for Android (can be used as remote control for Olympus digital cameras, and also to transfer pictures, via wifi) does not do anything at all when location access is disabled... And old versions are not on apkmirror, so there is no easy downgrade path. Need to go look if I can find a copy elsewhere.

The camera also has an http server that allows downloading images with just a web browser, but the remote control features were quite nice :( ...

Apparently I registered too many different email addresses with Let's Encrypt...

Sometimes I wish I could mute people for a day or so.

An 2017 iPad Pro 9.7" might fit into the keyboard case - same dimensions, but different placement of speakers and camera flash - but those are way more expensive (also refurbished), except maybe if you get the 32GB model. Her current iPad uses more storage, though maybe some stuff could be iCloudified.

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My partner's iPad Air 2 is starting to act up - battery reporting is wonky (put it down in the evening at 30%, and in the morning it reports 50%, without charging), and especially when the battery is reported as low, the touchscreen is unreliable...

Getting the battery replaced is about as expensive as a refurbished iPad Air 2 (with no guarantees on the battery). She also has a quite decent Logitech keyboard which would be useless when buying a different model...

Decisions, decisions...


Ein Bekannter von mir mit Migrationshintergrund ist Kleinunternehmer. Aus diesem Grund sind seine Kontaktdaten und sein Auto öffentlich bekannt. Er bekommt Anrufe mit Morddrohungen, sein Auto wird beschädigt und mit rassistischen Aufklebern beklebt, es werden ihm eklige Dinge in den Briefkasten gestopft, seiner Frau wird auf der Straße zugezischt, sie solle aus D abhauen. Die Polizei zuckt dabei, auch bei den Morddrohungen, nur mit der Schulter. 1/n

Welp, looks like I'm part of a round of layoffs. If anyone out there's is hiring, or has leads, I'm on the market. I'm specifically looking for a remote, backend-focused senior position at a mission-driven company. My last ~10 years has been in fintech, but anything trying to make the world a better place is interesting to me.

Use of Lisp, Rust, or some other interesting language is a big plus.

Boosts appreciated! #fedihired

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