I'm still tempted to buy a RasPi 400 even though I totally don't need one under any circumstances...

... earlier tonight, I might have accidentialy added the RPi 400 kit to an order with a bunch of other components I had on my shopping list. 🤷‍♂️

@jeff @galaxis i want to buy a 400 for my 4 year old daughter running tuxpaint, some abc learning software (if i find some in german) and other kids software

@galaxis I have a similar impulse. I want to buy a Pi400 just because it looks cool!

@galaxis You won't regret it!I started temporarily using it as my main computer after a hard drive failure of my desktop and I'm totally happy with it.It's even faster than my desktop computer.

@nipos It's not going to be faster than the Ryzen 5 on this desktop, but that won't stop me from finding uses elsewhere...

@galaxis Now only to hope that the Intel Management Engine-style backdoor can be removed soon ;)

@js You're thinking of the VideoCore firmware?

I haven't followed recent developments on that, but I doubt Broadcom will give up control over that piece of logic...

Maybe a minimal bootloader that disables most of the functionality? (Actually, much of VideoCore is being shut down already when you only give 16MB RAM to the GPU, since that's not enough space to hold all of the firmware modules.)

@galaxis There’s some reverse engineering going on. And unlike Intel, their signing is not asymmetric, but symmetric. Key has already been extracted.

@galaxis Same. I got one and now it's in my drawer with all the other electronic I have no real use for :-(

@sh I have been at this stuff for quite some time, so a drawer doesn't cut it 😉...
But then I really want to work with one of the things for some time to see if it's a viable platform (I have some doubts there).

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